Clinique Long Last gloss wear (6) Clinique Long Last Glosswear SPF 15 for Lips Set: Swatches & Review

Guest Review By Shilpa

“We are all of us stars, and we deserve to twinkle.”

— Marilyn Monroe

Firm believer in the above quote, I take it quite literally with my love of all things sparkly and twinkle-y! So when I saw this Clinique Longwear Lip Gloss set shimmering at me at the airport…I totally fell for it, hook, line and sinker! The other things that helped in this “love at first sight” included the claim on long-lastingness (I mean, most glosses I’ve tried don’t stick beyond an hour…eaten up and gone) and the SPF 15 protection for the lips. With sun exposure being the biggest cause of most skin troubles, I’ll take SPF infused products wherever possible!

So, what is it? Clinique Long Last Glosswear SPF 15 for Lips Set with 5 Colors 5 X 0.7 oz / 2.3ml Colors : Sunset + Air Kiss + Kissyfit + Mystic + Fireberry

Clinique says, ” Welcome to the Clinique juice bar. This high-shine lip gloss works a full shift moisturizing, comforting, and nourishing your lips—up to eight hours. Available in 18 glistening shades from sheer to full-impact color and find out just how mouthwatering moisture can be.”

My Experience

Packaging: Simple, sleek, minimal – like most things Clinique. The applicator picks up just the right amount of gloss for a good swipe on the lips.

Product: 8 hours long lasting claim is definitely hyperbole and is probably only verifiable under lab conditions! But I have to say, it does last longer than anything else I’ve used – slightly over 4 hours and I drank a lot of water and had a full meal during this time. It’s quite sticky in the beginning, but I guess that’s what makes it long-lasting, it has to stick to your lips! The stickiness dies down after the initial very-sticky feeling, but it is still enough to be felt. On the plus side, it is quite moisturizing! Makes the lips look plump and supple.

Also, I love the fact that they have SPF as sun protection for the lips is a clearly neglected area (raise your hand if you apply sunscreen on your lips regularly?).  Buying an assorted kit of anything is a gamble in itself! While it avoids the disaster of landing with a full sized product you dislike – it can also mean finding a couple of rotten apples along with one or two amazing shades.

Glad to report that the shades in here are mostly very fun and flattering, quite sheer that can be used alone for a more natural, day time look or layer over a lipstick.

  • Sunset (Bronze with coppery golden shimmer) Gorgeous copper-rust-golden shade that would look amazing on dusky/tanned skin. Super luxurious, sophisticated and rich.
  • Airkiss (Midtone pink with gold shimmer) my MLBB shade, almost nude on pigmented lips – just gives a subtle shine, no glittery particles, very versatile.
  • Kissyfit (Bluish pink with shimmer) – Bright Barbie pink, well pigmented shade that would look best on fair skins. Very youthful but not very unique.
  • Mystic (Bluish purple with silver shimmer) Sensual, bold, statement purple with just the right hint of soft shimmer. Very lady like and ethereal.
  • Fireberry (Rich blue red with soft gold shimmer) kind of berry-maroon color with a hint of gold which reminds of Diwali and festivities, also something that would go very well ethnic Indian outfits J

For all the shades, the end result is shiny but still sophisticated and subtle, not like a 5 year old’s gloss (read this somewhere on the blogosphere and loved it, because it is so apt to describe what it isn’t)

Clinique Long Last gloss wearClinique Long Last gloss wear (5)Clinique Long Last gloss wear (2)Clinique Long Last gloss wear (3)Clinique Long Last gloss wear (4)

What Works

1. Moisturized, lush, plump lips – what’s not to love?

2. SPF 15 – need I say more?

3. Capable of lasting for around 4 hours

4. Excellent range of 18 shades – something for everyone!

5. Fragrance free

6. Gets removed in one swipe, with no residue

What Doesn’t

1. Sticky – quite! (especially in the beginning or if over used).

2. Expensive


Rating: A-

Price: USD 40 (Approx INR 2400) for the set of 5

Recommendation:So, is it for you? Guess given the price of this Clinique Long Last Glosswear Lip set, there are some great drug store alternates available if you are ok with re-application and do not forget to protect your lips with sunscreen!

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