There is a little bit of Bourjois coming up next girlies !! These are part of Bourjois Paris’s new launches which will be available in the market shortly over the coming month. As i get ready for Indian Bridal Fashion week, I have no idea what i shall be wearing but that coral Bourjois  SHine Edition lipstick is definitely going to be on my lips !! Isnt the packaging super cute- i love the mirror kind of reflection on the packaging ! Super useful!



Just the name of this foundation puts me in a good mood ! Its the Bourjois Happy Light Foundation which is supposed to result in a luminous and flawless complexion in any light. I guess that means it photographs well under flash , and if it performs as nicely as it sounds then we shall have a winner on our hands !! Can this be the new healthy mix?


This vase shaped thingy is the Bourjois Paris Twist 2 in 1 Mascara. I think this one is for extra volume which suits me just fine because my lashes are puny. And thats me being nice to them, if i were being honest i would say they are invisible.

bourjois-liner-eraserThis is what i am most interested to try out. Its a Bourjois Erasable eyeliner  !!! Or atleast, thats what i could understand from the limited amount of french knowledge i have. Actually, i first thought its just a liner eraser , but then i popped it open and saw there was a liner inside as well. So you line, you mess it up, you through a fit and get hyper , you erase ! SUPER innovative that, just need to wait and see how well it fares.

Which ones would you like to see on the blog?


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