Kaya Skin Clinic Skin Awakening Range with Super Orange Bloom

I may not be a fan of fruit in my perfumes, or in my salads much to moms dismay but in skincare, bring out the citrus Kaya !!! Specially when you have the goodness of orange squeezed into these pretty little jars, its quite a welcome treat in this sweltering heat. Ooh i rhymed did you see that?? Im a sucker for nice packaging, and i have to say im loving seeing these hues of orange in my bathroom shelf!!



The Super Orange Bloom Range contains a variety of products, and on my testing table today are 3 such products:

– Kaya Skin Awakening Rinse (Face Wash)

– Kaya Overnight Skin Replenisher (Like a night cream)

-Kaya Skin awakening gel (Like a….im not quite sure what this is..just that it feels good on)



The Over night skin replenisher is something iv just started to experiment with. From early results, this is quite nice- it doesn’t give me the level of hydration my dry skin needs, bu tit injects a certain boost into it and smells super orange-y.



The Skin Awakening Rinse is what iv been using all month long and i love it. In real life- the liquid is so pretty, it has these glistening gold granules it is which dance as they catch the light. But apart from tha fancyness, it does a really good job of leaving my face squeaky clean and fresh looking. The citrus flavour adds a zing which is like a nice wake up call in the morning, or good to take the tiredness off after work. It doesnt leave my face dry, just feeling a tad bit firmer and tighter- and makes my skin soft and awakened.

kaya-skin-awakening-gelThe Skin Awakening Gel is this translucent gel with micro granules. This is something i really enjoy using-when you apply this to your face for a minute your face feels a bit tighter, but then in a little while this gel actually moisturizes your skin and you dont need a moisturizer on top. Apart from that, it leaves skin looking a little bit more glowy and firm looking so im really liking using this either as a substitute for my day cream or under it !

Out of the three above, i would say the face wash is super nice !!! The Gel is a nice luxury to have if you want to, but it isnt an essential in your skincare routine!


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