Lakme Absolute Pop Tint Swatches & Review: Candy Kiss

One of the guilty pleasures of apartment living, is that when i go to check my mailbox from the mailroom, i can take a quick peek into the kind of envelopes others are recieving. Okay fine i know, totally voyeuristic thing to do and by now yv dialed your security guard to ensure that a curly headed girl named Mehak never enters your apartments. But to my defense, i dont open anything or even touch anything i swear …i just take my mail out and my eyes just unconsciously seem to scan the room for something interesting. See, thats how i learnt about this exhibition in Delhi where i bought my sharara from, and oddly enough thats how i learnt about Lakme Pop Tints- it was stuck on top of a Cosmo magazine that my neighbour ordered !

Soon enough there was a Pop Tint Press note in my mailbox, and before you could say ‘Bazooka’  , Candy Kiss made its way to my door from . Candy Kiss is a peachy orange that goes on semi sheer- giving your lips a pretty, hydrated peach drenched look.  Its a color thats quite flattering on everyone, but those with very pigmented lips may prefer some fuller coverage options in the same range-Candy Kiss is more sheer than other pop tints.. I quite like this in summer actually- a quick slick  of this across your lips and you are good to go!

In terms of texture, these are nice and slick and go on smoothly, but i have to say they do have a tad bit of a waxy, kind of rubbery texture to them which i dont particularly love. Candy kiss will hydrate your lips but  one thing that you do need to note is that when they do leave your lips , they fade unevenly which is not really becoming, and they dont last beyond 3 hours either. That being said, they are an effortless everyday option…

lakme-absolute-pop-tints lakme-absolute-pop-tint-3 lakme-absolute-pop-tint-2 lakme-absolute-pop-tint-5



Verdict: B

Price: 800/-

Recommendation: Lakme Absolute Pop Tints in Candy Kiss is a pretty peachy orange that goes on semi sheer  and keeps your lips looking drenched and feeling hydrated .Iv tried other Pop tints before, and Candy Kiss is definitely more sheer than the others but these are nice effortless everyday options in the summer. However  they don’t last long and they fade kind of unevenly which begs the question – Do you spend 800 rupees on this product??? I would probably look elsewhere.

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