P&B got the honour of speaking to a legend in her own right- Mrs. Madhuri Dixit. While i couldnt physically be present in Mumbai to speak to Madhuri, a P&B representative was there to quiz her and she very graciously agreed to answer some of our questions while on a press meet  for Olay….

Hi Madhuri. Omg. HUGEEE Fan here, cant even begin to start on what i want to ask you in this limited time. But lets start  with…some secrets to your gorgeous  skin!!!

Madhuri : Till a few years back we used to use chandan (sandalwood) paste as its supposed to contain antibacterial properties which often helps to clear skin. Cucumber dipped in milk is also a great home remedy for glowing skin.  Otherwise nowadays there are such great products in the market, I am using Olay Regenerist regimen which is a great anti-ageing range and now they have reformulated the entire range by 20% more anti-ageing ingredient so it’s my go-to anti-ageing product

 So if i may ask when did you start using Anti Ageing Products?

Madhuri : Hahahahaa… a few years back if I may say.. ;)

Ok, so what kind of products are you using in your skincare routine?

Madhuri: I follow the Olay Regenerist regimen, I start with the Regenerist cream cleanser in the morning, followed by the new Micro-sculpting serum for extra  Hydration, then I apply the moisturizer- I actually use the night cream even in the day which is the new Micro-sculpting Cream as it makes my skin firmer ( that’s my secret ;))

Olay Regenerist’s new upgrade & skin energizing technology has enlightened me on how our skin energy reacts and slows down as it ages, and has provided me with a  potent solution to challenge what’s possible in skin aging

You seem to be the epitome of  ‘ageing gracefully’  in India. But who  is an Indian actress/ personality whom you feel has aged gracefully?

Madhuri: I have always been a huge fan of Rekhaji who still manages to look her best & inspire us all. Waheeda ji, Helen ji & Vijayantimala ji who had this elegant style & grace in their dancing which came out naturally are also a great inspiration for women like us !

Before you leave us, give us one beauty tip you swear by!

Madhuri: I have lots of water every day, and I make sure I wash my face at regular intervals. For me dance is also a  form of beauty so I dance &  I recommend everyone to  dance in some way as it makes you positive and happy &  sparks that little desire of dance that every individual has in them


PS: I know that this was an Olay press meet, and hence its obvious why Madhuri would mention certain products, that being said though i loved reading her answers and anything she claims to use for anti ageing i know im definitely going to try at some point of time in life.



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