India Bridal Fashion Week 2013: Aashima Leena

Yesterday , i finally managed to drag my super lazy butt  to The Grand, Vasant Kunj where the India Bridal Fashion Week 2013 was in full swing ! See, its always fun to attend atleast one- two of these shows…even if not for the clothes, it kind of is an entertaining exercise just to sit around and notice people (And i had to do a LOT of that , since i decided to come a bit earlier !) . I was just sitting at the coffee shop, munching on prawn tempura noticing everyone with my hawk eye!

First there are the fashion journalists- Bandana Tiwari and the like! They  sit about hob-nobbing with the designers and the fashion fraternity in general. This is their space, they know everyone, everyone knows them and they breeze in and out the cocktail area, backstage area, lobby area talking about ‘fabrics, and styles and textures’ and how ‘Gudda is a geniussss!!!’*Throw mock hands in the air with eyes wide open *

Then there are the designers. They are running helter skelter trying to get the show organised and seem to be the only people who are actually working . Spotted- Leena from Aashima & Leena fame telling the stage guy “Aap kyaaa kar rahe hooo bhaiyyya. Mera show shuru hone me aadha ghanta baaki hai!!!!! Aaap yaha baeth ke aish kar rahe ho!!!“* Throws mock hand to her forehead exasperately*

Then there are the Page 3 social people. They air kiss their way around, meeting all the designers with their favourite pet names, and a cocktail glass in their hand. “We are sitting in the front row arent we darling???-Mock pouty face*

Then there are the bloggers. Noone really knows them except fellow bloggers, and no one really believes they are ‘Media’ . They roam about, looking a bit lost in the beginning, and then try to get the best possible seats they can- scrambling about to get the best picture possible for their humble publications. Most likely seen saying “We ARE media- shoving their media card into the bouncers face”

Yes, yours truly is the last category, and so were Thedelhibride & Crazy Indian Wedding- both of whome i met, but due to the lack of lighting inside the show area, i dont have a photo for you guys.

india-bridal-fashion-week-2013-aashima0leena (2)

india-bridal-fashion-week-2013-aashima0leena (1)


See that card bouncer man!!! Just because i dont look like an old guy with a huge ass camera does not mean in not media!

What i do have is a series of gorgeous pictures from the Aashima Leena show. You see, this is a show i ALWAYS like to attend- i do like their sensibility, and they infuse this old world charm in their shows ! This time, they had this poet who told us a story about Chandni Chowk which for the life of me i cannot remember because i was trying to get  my camera to work right.. This show started off with a series of golds and mint greens- both of which i absolutely whole heartedly loved (Sorry about limited photos from that range- my camera was giving me issues.) The show then moved on to muted earthy colors of olive greens, green-golds, burnt oranges, browns with a splash of turquoise in between. While i didnt completely love this part of the show, the use of colors is something i have to applaud Aashima and leena for.  It looked gorgeous- as did Nargis Fakhri whome i didnt even recognise until this old (and rather enthu) uncle yelled “Nargisss too good Nargisss too good!”



The gorgeous sets! I loved this sequence. They opened the door of the sets one by one with all the models posing insideindia-bridal-fashion-week-2013-aashima-leena (3)


See that mint green anarkali-lehenga. LOVE that !! 


Like the use of colour in this  and that dupatta is gorgeous!

India Bridal Fashion Week Delhi 2013 - Model seen in bridal collection of  Ashima Leena_1

The show was full of this sort of a shimmery, lurex kind of fabric which would have otherwise looked tacky, but it sort of worked!India Bridal Fashion Week Delhi 2013 - Nargis Fakhri as the showstopper of Ashima Leena's Collection_1Thats Nargis Fakhri looking stunning!

india-bridal-fashion-week-2013-aashima-leena (1 india-bridal-fashion-week-2013-aashima-leena (2)

india-bridal-fashion-week-2013-aashima-leena 3 india-bridal-fashion-week-2013-aashima-leena2(1

India Bridal Fashion Week Delhi 2013 - Model seen in bridal collection of  Ashima Leena India Bridal Fashion Week Delhi 2013 - Model seen in bridal collection of  Ashima Leena_2 India Bridal Fashion Week Delhi 2013 - Nargis Fakhri as the showstopper of Ashima Leena's Collection

For more pictures click below:india-bridal-fashion-week-2013-aashima-leena 1 india-bridal-fashion-week-2013-aashima-leena5) india-bridal-fashion-week-2013-aashima-leena4jpg india-bridal-fashion-week-2013-aashima-leena2(1 india-bridal-fashion-week-2013-aashima-leena1 india-bridal-fashion-week-2013-aashima-leena

india-bridal-fashion-week-2013-aashima-leena (1)

india-bridal-fashion-week-2013-aashima-leena11 india-bridal-fashion-week-2013-1

The OfficialNote:

Ashima Leena Singh, with their almost 20 years old eponymous label dedicated to the amalgamation of the periodic trends with modern times, have achieved a notable status in the fashion industry. Their traditional yet contemporary collection which is an exemplary of timeless and fine craftsmanship was showcased on the Day 4 of Ambey Valley India Bridal Fashion week (AVIBFW).  Rhea Singh, daughter of Leena is making her official debut with a bridal collection, and will be a fresh face of this legendary label. With the incorporation of Rhea’s new strategic planning skills, Ashima –Leena have focused on Mughal influenced styles and techniques for their this year’s Collection at India Bridal Fashion Week.

The show opened with a man in pristine white kurta pyjama speaking about “Delhi ki Daastan.” He beautifully told the story behind Delhi and Chandni Chowk, and spoke in length about Indian tradition, culture and Wedding.  As soon as the melodious traditional classical music in fusion with western music started playing in the background, all eyes were fixed on the ramp. Doors opened in the backdrop, and models draped in subtle dhoti style sarees in the hues of light beige, and dull gold, appeared on the ramp.  A pietra-dura motif shimmered on the shades of burnished gold and carnelian, while one couldn’t overlook the use of beautiful gota-patti work on delicately designed ensembles. Matte gold sparkled in an intricate, ornamental embellishment was very beautifully blended with long sheer jackets worn over sarees. The whole traditional classical look of the ensembles was further enhanced by models supporting the side braids as the hairstyle in sync with the traditional gold and precious stone jewellery. Dhotis were teamed with short kurtas and sheer jackets with intricate zardosi work.  Another set of the collection was in soft greens, fuschia pinks with fine gota-patti work. Sharara pants, transparent embroidered pyjamis in pietra-dura motif teamed with short anarkali were few highlights of their collection. Long jackets in paisley pattern work in the hues of red, copper and gold were teamed with a royal broach holding up the jacket in the middle, to give it an aristocratic look to the whole ensemble. A lot of experimentation was done with ‘dhoti’ as it clearly evident with the way sarees were draped dhoti style, and also teaming up of short kurtas with dhoti-pants. Their collection intended to celebrate an esoteric romance, woven in silken thread and beaten metallic gold. Taj Mahal stands as the finest example of the art and architecture of the bygone Mughal era, and by deriving their inspiration from those times, the designers aspire to reflect a poetic flow in volume, layers, and impeccable garment construction through their extravagant collection. Nargis Fakhri in royal red jacket with intricate zari work teamed with shimmery lehenga, and adorned in heavy jewellery as her headgear, concluded the show for Ashima Leena.

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