Hi guys,

Im super excited to announce P&B’s newest venture- P&B Beauty Boot Camp!!

What is it?

Beauty Boot Camp is a 1 day workshop / makeup class  conducted by a Professional Makeup Artist which teaches you how to apply makeup on yourself , how to choose the right products for yourself, and what you should buy in your budget and skin type regarding makeup. Basically- basic skills you need as a bride or as any girl who is clueless about the world of makeup!

Who needs it?

These classes will be SUPER helpful for brides to be, or any other girls who feel like they need extra help in the makeup department. For Brides, there are tons of smaller functions where you need to know how to apply makeup  on your own so that you photograph beautifully . Otherwise, you could be a girl who wants to know how to do that awesome smokey eye with that new dress you wore or what to wear  in that  new job which requires a more groomed look, or simply someone who is a tomboy but wants to know how to make sure you can carry off that sari you wear !!!

Who will conduct these classes?

The classes will be conducted by a Professional MUA- who will take you through the makeup  tutorials  and looks you can create on your own along with the nuances of how to apply eyeshadow , how to create a particular look etc. I will guide you through the aspect of how to purchase items that suit you.

The Makeup Artist in question has worked with MAC Cosmetics in the past, and is currently a successful bridal makeup artist in Delhi, and has been featured through the P&B Real Brides section many times. This is another bonus for brides because you can see her in action- and then potentially even book her for your weddings (It can be like a ‘trial ‘ as well for you guys)….

More details when the launch is finalised!

What will be taught?

The best thing about Beauty Boot Camp is when you register, we will be asking you your preference on what you want, and based on what the majority says, we will choose some themes that everyone wants some help on. Broadly however,we will be doing the following:

  • Teaching you the right way to apply foundation, concealer , base makeup
  • Demonstrating a simple, party makeup look that you guys can wear with most outfits
  • Teach you how to do a basic smokey eye for yourself
  • Teach you how to do a nice, everyday neutral eye makeuo
  • Teach you how to pick the right makeup for your skin tone and for your need (Eg: which makeup photographs better)
  • 1 on 1  Individual Session where we give you a binder of information that is customised to your needs and your budget- of products to buy for your wedding trousseau or in general as well. (We will be asking each of your budgets and needs before the launch)  .

Where & When will the classes happen?

As of now, depending on how many registrations happen, we are looking at booking a space in South Delhi- Gurgaon sometime in October-November. We do plan to reach other cities as well, but that is Phase 2..

What is the cost??

The tentative cost per Candidate is 4000/- Rs  …  

Think of it like a Bridal makeup trial plus Makeup class rolled into one . The class will be a full day event and we wont be shooing you away in 1-2 hours !!

How do i register ?

If you are interested , you can email me at peachesandblush@gmail.com with the subject ‘Beauty Boot Camp Registration’. Depending on how many people actually register, we will work out the logistics of the event  and then move forward.

Only if we get a minimum number of candidates, will these classes happen. We are starting with Delhi , but depending on the response we will be extening to other cities as well (Please comment and let me know which cities would you like )

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