Revlon Cha Cha Cherry (4) Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick In Cha Cha Cherry: Swatches & Review

Guest Review By Priya R

I have always been a girl who picks up bright & bold lip colors everytime I step out. I never do nude or light on my lips, its always something attention grabbing or something that will brighten up my face- blame it on my north indian genes huh!  Recently i got bored of  the super bright lipsticks i owned and was looking for some corals to include in my stash when i chanced upon – Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Cha Cha Cherry!

Product Description:

Revlon Super LustrousLipstick

– Enriched with the LiquiSilk technology – a revolutionary way to evenly unify pure color with silk-enriched   mega-moisturisers and vitamins
– Lips look gorgeous, silky and smooth
– Rich, full coverage & stay-true color wears evenly for lasting richness and vibrance

My Views

I chose Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Cha Cha Cherry for two reasons – a) I have never ever got any lipsticks from the Revlon Super Lustrous range except one Lip Butter, which sounds like a crime, since I heard (read) these lipsticks are awesome in quality and equivalent to MAC lipsticks! b) I had fallen for the name  “Cha Cha Cherry”, its just so cute!

Cha Cha Cherry is a very pretty coral – red that will flatter almost any skintone. It has a super shiny lustrous finish to it, which is great if you are not into sticky glosses, but still want the feel of a gloss  like me. It is perfect for those who wants to wear bold colors but not quite there yet to wear it without feeling awkward, it’s like a transition color from sheer to bold. And also apt for working gals/college who wanna have some reddish/pinkish tint to their lips. Cha Cha Cherry is very versatile in the sense it can be applied sheer like a tint or can be applied with intensity for semi-opaque coverage.

Texture is smooth & silky and it glides easily & evenly on the lips. It is very moisturizing and keeps the the lips soft and supple even after its worn off. It is said to have frosty finish but to me it has creamy & glossy finish.  The wear time that I get from this frosty finish lipstick is about 2 hours which is acceptable.

PS: I don’t know if there is a problem with Revlon lipsticks mechanism or I got a bad piece; my Red Velvet Lip Butter’s bullet mechanism all of a sudden stopped going back in & since the day I got this Super Lustrous Lipstick the bullet mechanism feels a little jammed.  

Revlon Cha Cha Cherry (6)Revlon Cha Cha Cherry (5)Revlon Cha Cha Cherry (7)Revlon Cha Cha Cherry (3)Revlon Cha Cha Cherry (2)Revlon Cha Cha Cherry


  1. Super hydrating lipstick, keeps the lips moisturized 24/7
  2. Texture is creamy & silky smooth
  3. Looks super glossy on the lips
  4. Available in many shades


  1. Lasting power is low and needs touch up after few hours.
  2. My bullet seems to be a little jammed. I am not sure if its the case with all the lipsticks.
  3. Does not give opaque coverage in 1 swipe like matte lipsticks.

Rating: A

Price: Rs. 550

Recommendation: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks are an amazing range of lipsticks and definitely  deserve all the praises they get. Cha Cha Cherry is a soft coral red which is perfect for any occasion, can be worn anytime of the day & would suit many. For those who hate sticky texture of lip glosses can try these out for its high glossiness, it somehow fills the void of  lip glosses for me.

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