Ricci Ricci (Nina Ricci Perfume Review)

One little piece of wisdom iv gained over 26 years- first Impressions are rarely ever last impressions ! If they were then i wouldnt have married the boy (i used the words oversmart, and cocky to describe him to my mom the first time i met him). If they were, then i wouldnt be addicted to Game of Thrones (Im totally hooked on to this series girls- watch it NOW). If they were, i wouldnt have fallen so hard for Ricci Ricci by Nina Ricci. An anniversary present from my mom, when i first sprayed this on i honestly did not think i would ever wear it again!

The first whiff of this perfume (is this what they call ‘top notes’) is a really strong ¬†floral smell of tuberose and roses mixed with a sharp scent of spicyness. I dont enjoy strong perfumes at all, so that overpowering smell of roses and spicyness really threw me off a bit. However, after 5 minutes or so when the perfume settles down into your body, you can smell a delicious concoction of sandalwood and flowers. The scent is soft, and feminine but at the same time there is this sexiness about it- the sandalwood gives it this ¬†muskiness that makes this a grown up womans scent. Something you would spritz on with your Little Black dress before a date ;). Its definitely one of the more unique scents because it has that perfect balance of sexy and sweet that is hard to achieve in women perfumes !!!

The bottle seems to suggest that too! There is something certainly devlish and wicked about the deep wine colored bottle with the twisted turns of the cap, but at the same time the ‘bow’ on the cap lends it that sweet innocence as well -just like the perfume itself. Overall, its a perfume i have grown to love over the years , and though its not my signature scent (I have my Prada Candy for that) its definitely a must have on my dresser.

Ooh final word on longevity:Lasts moderately long- about 5 hours or so, which i think is  average for a perfume in this price category.

nina-ricci-perfume-review nina-ricci-perfume


Verdict: A-

Price: Rs 4680 for 80 ml but you can get it on Flipkart for 3680

Recommendation: If you are on the lookout for a scent that provides a great balance between sexy and sweet then Ricci Ricci by Nina Ricci wont dissapoint. It sits pretty atop your dresser and is definitely one of the more unique scents iv tried – dont judge it by its overpowering first impressions.

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