Shiseido The Skincare Night Moisture Recharge Enriched Cream Review

One of the side effects of being addicted to certain sitcoms is that sometimes, you end up having some strange sort of dreams. I mean, when i was watching Suits non stop, i have to admit to having more than 1 dream about Harvey Specter. Okay who am i kidding, i would dream about Harvey Spectre even if i weren’t watching suits *Swoooon*. But when i was watching back to back Pretty little liars, i dreamt that the boy is ‘A’. In my defense- his name starts with A and he wears a black hoodie in winters. And now, when im addicted to Game of Thrones, i keep dreaming im turning into some strange creature- i woke up once from a dream in which i had  turned into one of Daenerys Dragon’s with their scaley, dry skin. But then i saw my Shiseido Night Moisture Recharge on my bedside and thought ‘Thats one thing that will never happen!

Im  not a person who is very into skincare honestly, i dont have a ton of lotions and potions and i dont particularly care for trying out every new scrub in the market, but when it comes to night creams i swear by Shiseido Night Moisture Recharge (Enriched) . The Shiseido Night cream comes in two variants- Regular which i reviewed before and Enriched which is this one. The Enriched one is specially meant for dry skin like mine and i absolutely love it !!!

The cream is light and a little bit of it spreads easily across your entire face. Instantly, you feel like someone has just injected your skin with a surge of hydration. That moisture works its charm overnight and you wake up to soft, hydrated, supple skin. In the summer time, i can go without using this, but in the winter time there isnt a day when this is not on me. The best quality about this is that even though it delivers such a surge of moisture and hydration to the face, this isn’t heavy or thick at all. Infact its super light and blendable into the skin so you dont feel like you have a thick layer of stuff on your face when you sleep. It just absorbs quickly and does its job, so even if you have super dry skin like mine you wake up to really soft skin that you just want to caress.

It isnt ‘anti ageing’ as such but given that dry skin ages faster, im assuming that the fact that this keeps my face hydrated should do a  bit of the job no?



shiseido-night-moisture-recharge-enriched-cream-2 shiseido-night-moisture-recharge-enriched-cream-3


Before using Shiseido Night Cream


After using Shiseido Night Cream

Verdict: A+

Price: Rs 1800/- for 75 ml

Best Suited for: Dry Skin

Recommendation: The Shiseido Night Moisture Recharge (Enriched) is my holy grail Night Cream! Its a saviour for those with dry skin- injecting your skin with a whole lot of hydration without feeling  heavy or thick. I know this is really expensive, but one tub will last you 6 months at least!

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