It’s no secret that if asked who they would like to design their dream wedding outfits, ‘Tarun Tahiliani’ would be the answer of many a bride, mine included. There is a sense of magic in his designs, and this year that magic has been coupled with soft, beautiful hues of peach, pink , coral and periwinkle blues to create outfits that spell out the word ‘princess’ with a capital and swirly ‘P’ ! If 2011-2012 was the year of rich jewel tones, and bright oranges, then the 2013 is the year of pastels and feminine tones that spell luxury and girlyness!!! The master of drapes also showcased his signature draped sarees (these are SO super sexy and figure flattering , im kind of dying to get my hands on one!), his kalidar kurtas and flouncy lehengas with velvet jackets. Enjoy the Tarun Tahiliani Bridal Collection of 2013 !!

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TARUN TAHILIANI presents the fifth edition of the annual

Tarun Tahiliani Couture Exposition

18th-20th July, 2013


July 18, 2013, New Delhi: The 4Cs – Couture, Crystal, Craft and Carat come to you in the fifth edition of the Tarun Tahiliani Couture Exposition 2013 that opened on 18th July at The Pavilion, The DLF Emporio New Delhi. Laden with the weight of history yet effervescent as it sits lightly on one’s skin, it takes you back to the age of excess where the hallmark of genuine Indian trousseau is the painstaking made-by-hand details, the ornate embroidery and the intricate threadwork that form this couture collection.


Ivory silk threads sing in romantic paneled kurtas lifted with opals, pearls and other Swarovski crystals even as saris gleam with antique gold and silver peek-a-boo. Generous smatterings of zardozi, brocade and kalidar kurtas aside; the saris are opulent, from jamewar inspirations to gota, chikankari and bandhini indulgences.


The Gold Collection

Limpid pools of liquid gold gleaming in its decadent viscosity… “The Gold Collection” has as many facets as the woman who wears it. Italian lamé falls as if it’s been poured over your skin and the illusory jersey hugs every curve with the proficiency of a bias cut.


Elegant in a dulled white gold or sylph like in sparkling black, the convenience of wearing it like contemporary clothing comes with the effortless drapery of a Grecian goddess. The silhouette of the sari is maintained throughout, the pallu being created by a wire overhead as Greek and Indian sensibilities fuse, a moment worthy of Max Müller’s epiphany.

Intricate details of hand embroidered Swarovski and 3D flower artwork peep at you from the intimacy of a bustier even as the chain-mail dupatta adds power and structure. Swathed in luxury and bathed in gold, it doesn’t scream splendor – refined understatement, rather.


The Enchanted Forest

Like the whimsy of a forest fairy, the colour palette is a pastoral romance of pinks, ivory, restrained beiges and bridal red. The gilded lily of the collection is the bodice that would put an exhibitionist peacock to shame. The royal shades of the national bird come together in this corset that represents the entire collection – Indian in origin and yet global in sensibility.


Risqué necklines that would be at home with cocktail dresses accompany saris with shadow reverse embroidery. A glamorously wicked reinvention of the classic sari, it comes with obi belts, a cape and bustier – full of glamour, humour and worldliness.


The concept sari is a smattering of Spain in the Indian vanguard of glamour. Like the frills of the train of a flamenco dancer it waves in and out of view like a lucid dream. Carrying the flag for understated bling, there is enough sparkle to light up the room and it doesn’t leave one blindsided.


The Man of the Hour

Turning all convention on its head, from making draped dhotis out of a kanjeevaram sari and intricate sherwanis that sit lightly and with ease, every one of them is a pièce de résistance. Playing with multiple levels the sherwani, kurta and structured dhoti form a stairway to heaven.


The Bandhgala with a jersey stole sewn into the neckline belongs as much in a wedding as on the runway, providing both fashion and function. The structured cummerbunds where Don Juan meets Mughal aristocrats add drama in every ensemble. From jade green to pleated royal blue and a bejeweled one. Little details like pleated collars that do away with lapels keep things classic yet interesting. Upholding tradition with luxe velvet sherwanis and jewel embroidered necklines and cuffs, it carries elements of the Maharajas in all their Mughal glory, Persian motifs included. But facings in colours that pop and asymmetrical bundis with crinkled cotton kurtas underneath provide enough space for quirks because boys eventually will be boys.


“Creating couture which keeps distinctive Indian crafts alive, while exploring visions in sparkling crystal and carat, reflects emotions that give shape to sensuous, elegant and bespoke luxury for any occasion wear and weddings. This exhibition is living, breathing heritage, married with the fresh vibrancy and essence of modern India,” emphasised the master couturier Tarun Tahiliani.


Our partners that make the Exposition possible


“We have a longstanding love for bespoke. We are excited to showcase the prized legacy, grandeur and magnificence of the world’s finest Osler chandeliers to an audience that demands luxury living with an understanding and appreciation for heritage and antique treasures,” said Mr. Munchi Shroff, Partner, Ancestry.


Commenting on the Azva’s association with Tarun Tahiliani Couture Exposition 2013, Mr. Vipin Sharma, Director, Jewellery, World Gold Council said, “In this exposition we unveil, ‘Tarun Tahiliani for Azva’ – an exclusive collection of 22 karat gold bridal jewellery, inspired by seven vows. The collection brings together exquisite designs by India’s most celebrated bridal couturier, Tarun Tahiliani and finest handcrafting in gold by Azva from World Gold Council. Derived from the Sanskrit word ‘ashva’, the name Azva symbolizes the ritual of seven vows. This collection comprises sets of necklace, earrings and bracelet ensembles. The designs reflect the idea of seven beautifully handcrafted elements such as flowers, circles and rows fashioned in gold. Each design is as eternal, as precious and as emotional as the promises made by the couple to each other on their wedding day. This special collection will appeal to modern, contemporary and fashion conscious bride of today who appreciates fine craftsmanship in Jewellery.”


DLF Emporio, Asia’s finest luxury destination will be a befitting venue for the glamorous event. Speaking on the occasion, Ms. Dinaz Madhukar, Senior Vice President, DLF Emporio said, “Tarun’s work exhibits best of both the worlds, old iconic heritage mixed with modern day aesthetic. We are very happy to be hosting this year’s Couture Exposition at The Pavilion, DLF Emporio as its exclusivity, space and sublime ambience makes it perfect in creating a mood for such a grand exposition.”

To celebrate his long-standing association with Forevermark, Tarun Tahiliani has designed an extraordinary piece of couture – an iridescent black gown with a slight trail and a modern silhouette.“Forevermark is delighted to continue its association with the fifth edition of Tarun Tahiliani Bridal Couture Exposition. Tarun’s Encordia gown is a celebration of a bond between two people that is personal and unique, just as each Forevermark diamond is unique. The Encordia Collection that is being exhibited by Forevermark at this expo will find its way in the treasured heirloom box.

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