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The Body Shop Sparkler Enchanting Gold Review

Guest Review By Shilpa

To me, “sparkler” is what they call phuljharis in English on the pack. As a child, I was super fond of crackers (I know, not very environmentally friendly) and I would get stars in my eyes shopping for anaars, chakris, bijli bombs, pencils, hunters and yes, good old phuljharis aka sparklers.

Now that I have grown up (not sure people in my life agree!), my sparklers have also changed with time (Enter Body Shop Sparkler Enchanting Gold). To be honest, the pure and simple reason for buying this from Body Shop was nostalgia  and the fond memories of the good old phuljhari packet waiting to be opened.

So, coming to the product, this is a Limited Edition Atomiser launched by Body Shop every year during the festive season (around October-November). The shades I am aware of include gold, light pink and copper. It is a fragranced shimmery powder in an atomizer bottle to be used on your face, body and hair for a hint of festivity!

 My Views

The Body Shop Sparkler Enchanting Gold looks beautiful sitting on the shelf! The frosted glass bottle is very classy and sophisticated and the atomizer pump for sure has an old world charm, reminiscent of perfume applicators. It has a tiny stopper on the side opposite to the atomizer, to be taken out for the shimmer mist to come out. It secures quite well and hence can travel as the glass bottle itself is quite sturdy.

Now, if you remember, the phuljharis used to be quite versatile – you could have fun with them on their own (raise your hand if you have written your name in the air with them, I know I have!) or use it to light other stuff like rockets or anaars. This sparkler claims to be quite versatile as well, and can be used to give a hint of shimmer to face, body (think décolletage, arms, legs etc) and even hair. While I am not so keen on using it on my face, it is super beautiful on the body and hair, as the shimmer is very fine and subtle (not OTT at all). Also, the pump action to release the lovely shimmer is quite addictive! I kept pressing with glee to see the gold dust get released.

If you are fond of sparkle, it is possible to use this on several occasions…think parties, marriages, festivals, valentine’s day etc. It is a powder ultimately, so it blows off quite quickly but the subtle sheen with delicate shimmer stays around 2 hours). To make it stick / last longer, I tried applying it immediately after a lotion, and it enhanced the life of the shimmer on the skin further. The fragrance is delicate, powdery and non-intrusive, will not interfere with your perfume.

I found it at 50% off post season, so it was a decent buy.

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What Works for the Body Shop Sparkler

  • Delicate, fine shimmer – like gold dust
  • Versatile enough to be used on body, face and hair
  • Delicately fragranced
  • Easy to apply
  • Body Shop uses Community Fair Trade ingredients
  • Super beautiful packaging!
  • Cruelty free

What Doesn’t:

  • Possibly limited relevance during festival / marriage season
  • Expensive
  • Stating the obvious, but not for people who don’t enjoy sparkle and shimmer!

 Verdict: A-

Price: INR 1595

Recommendation: The Body Shop Sparkler gives a subtle, lovely shimmer, delicate fragrance, is easy to use and versatile enough to be used on body, face and hair. Great for festive / marriage season! Though expensive, this pretty bottle is a good investment if you enjoy sparkle.

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