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12. The Bridal Files (SIl Edition ): 6 Months to go 

The Bridal Files (SIL Edition) counts down the time to my Sister in Laws wedding in December!


Agent BridalFiles (SIL Edition) is reporting from Hyderabad this time – as both me, the boy and my SIL are in Hyd  for 3-4 days before we get back to the Delhi grind !! With just about 5 months to go, the family needed to regroup, take some tough decisions (like- should we have a dhokla counter to keep the Gujaratis happy) and shop in Hyderabad for the SIL’s trousseau.

Finalising the Events

Remember when i told you about the engagement in Mumbai in  October and then the Sangeet and Wedding in December.Turns out- that may not happen! The latest brainwave of the family is a close knit morning wedding, a big party the same night in Hyderabad, and then the reception in Mumbai in January. Dad in law is happy because he always wanted this, SIL’s In laws will be happy cos they don’t need to come down for too many days over here, SIL is happy because she can wear pastelish lehengas. Im thinking Peach, Pink or Pink and Mint Green or Sky Blue and Coral. But really, its not my wedding so i shouldn’t even be thinking about such things !!!

Also- after my own harrowing experience of standing on stage for like 4 hours with the weight of a 100kg rock on my head (read: dupatta) , i think this setting is perfect. Lets chuck the stage on the party, let the bride and groom mingle about from table to table and lets have a super awesome photo booth on the side, where i can obsessively click photos of myself and drag myself into whatever snaps i can find.

Ideas for photo booth people??? Nothing too cartoonish- both families are slightly traditional and i dont think would appreciate the bride and groom looking like this:

But something elegant and classy like this :

Yes. Minus the couple kissing. The Sindhi’s will spit out their papad’s and the Gujju’s will choke on their dhoklas if that happens !

Though side note- on my wedding the Pandit was super cool and at the end he did say ” You may kiss the bride” . The boy claims he leaned over to kiss me but i quickly turned so he got my cheek. Thats one of my fav wedding photos!

Finalising the Engagement/Reception Outfit

Remember that pale pink saree my SIL tried with the blue cropped jacket in the previous bridal files?  The one i freaked out over because it way wayyy too light? Well turns out she is probably not wearing that for the Bombay event. SIL is wearing a jacket lehenga.  She is wearing a lehenga with a small bustier at the top and a  sheer jacket on top of everything. Fabrics are rich brocades and silks and in colors of coral , peach, orange. One of our family members is a brilliant designer based in Mumbai so she is making the outfit ! I cant wait to see it !

Shopping in Hyderabad for Bridal lehengas

Now, without any offense to anyone living in Hyderabad, i do love this city but i find it a bit hopeless when it comes to Indian shopping. On one end there is ELAHE, ANAHITA etc who all stock designer names , and on the other hand there is stuff like Neeru’s Emporio which has so much of that tacky net stuff that im flabbergasted ! Apparently everyone from Hyd shops in Delhi and Mumbai ! Mental note- launch a P&B Bridal Boutique in Hyd. People you interested?Im actually serious !

First up we went to a small boutique called M.S (Sounds like my own store ) in Banjara Hills. Pretty, bright colored lehengas in lighter colors and there was a coral lehenga my SIL really  liked, but she said she needs to think over it as it was a bit light (When she says something is ‘ slightly light’ – it means it is super duper light with no embroidery). This hyderabadi concept of light is totally flawed i tell you.



Then a super funny thing happened- we went to this place called Trousseau Cottage. It was in some road number something of Banjara Hills and because it was in tie up with Delhi based designer Ramon Llamba i thought hey ! This may be nice.We entered the store and there  were about ten things in the rack.

SIL ” Do you do bridal stuff?”

Trousseau Cottage Woman ” Yes , we customise everything!!!”

SIL ” Ok, can you show me some of your work? That yv done earlier?”

TC Woman ” Ofcoursee!”

*She opens her laptop and shows us some photos*

*Photo number 1- MY BRIDAL LEHENGA THAT I WORE !!!! Hahah! Me and my SIL are suppressing laughs while looking at each other.

*Photo number 2-5, Manish Malhotra outfits with the P&B logo on them !! LOL !!! Wow this is turning out to be a freaky coincidence*

Me asking super innocently  ” So have you made these?*

TC Woman ” We havent but we can”

Ok atleast she was honest lets give her that but we are not ordering something based on what someone could potentially make.

Then  went yo a local boutique that was recommended to us – Shri Hari Paridhan or something in Jubilee Hills. The stuff was better than some other shops-and the floor length anarkalis were quite nice, but  nothing great like how you just fall in love with something in Delhi? That didnt happen, and the variety was limited and the stock seemed dated.

 Round 1 of Lehenga Shopping- EPIC FAIL !

Round 2 is happenin in Mumbai, & Round 3 will happen in Delhi if Round 2 fails as well.

Re-storing MIL’s saree

My MIL is about as interested in clothes, as i am in American Rugby matches. But this time, she took out her own reception saree and i was FLOORED !!! It was a very soft, beautiful pink organza saree with subtle silver zari work and sequins-it seems almost like a kanjeevaram- it had those motifs that south indian sarees have … But the motifs were subtle and the silver was really soft and not loud. I held it against me and it just glistened in the light, literally the fabric glowedddd !!! it was definitely the most beautiful thing in her closet and till today it looked timeless and modern. Something like a maharani would wear!!! She could wear it as is, but i also think it will look absolutely gorgeous as a long structured jacket with a flowy, long trail at the back and a slit at the front. Cigarette pants, or a lehenga skirt underneath.

Secret Confession: No matter what is made of it, and whether my SIL or my MIL wears it , im stealing it in a few years time.


Makeup Artist Hunting

SIL has had a few failed trials. One made her look like 10 years older than herself- which is a pretty big feat to achieve considering she looks like she is 15 and they made her look like she is 35 , when she is actually 25 . The other place patched on loads and loads of foundation and powder and when we resisted they were like ” Arre but abhi toh yeh kam hai…actual day me toh bahut zyada hoega ” . We grabbed our bags and  ran out of the salon, fleeing for our life. I think the powder lady is going to come in my nightmares -running behind me with an evil look on her face shrieking *Powder Thopo* * Aur Powder Thopo*


PS: Sabya store in Hyderabad is a MUST VISIT !!! The decor is as gorgeous as the clothes !

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