This week, its all about what fluffy, pink, princessy dreams are made of !!  It started when i saw this perfume bottle- Lovestruck by Vera Wang. For the record, Princess by Vera Wang continues to be one of my most adored perfumes but just one look at the floaty toulle blooming out of the purple cap,  and i was lovestruck!! So the rest of the lust list, is what i would wear lovestruck with!

1. Anushree Reddy Lehenga- Huge fan of Anushree Reddy’s use of floral prints with Indian wear, and since im on the lookout for something to wear for my SIL’s wedding , this pink lehenga with a floral top and dupatta with encrusted silver border is calling out my name

2. Lovestruck by Vera Wang: Its what inspired this lust list in the first place. Havent smelt it, but im told it smells  woody and sweet- its rich and dark and luscious but sweet and innocent at the same time. Plus even if you dont love the fragrance, just the bottle is nice to have no?

3. Chanel Delicatesse Ombres Fleuries Eyeshadow Pallete: nope, you didnt just read the name of a dish at a french restaurant, this chanel palette is as lovely as it sounds. Given my warm undertones i should probably stay away from a quad that has silver and white but the purple and the pink just call out my name. Its just gorgeousness in a box that. Sigh. Major crush.

4.Adrenaline Rush by Bare Escentuals: What do you wear with  purple dark eyes, a mysterious perfume and a floaty lehenga? A blush that gives you just that perfect amount of adrenaline rush on your cheeks. This one by Bare Escentuals is perfect!

5. Emerald Cocktail Ring by NeetySingh: Im a HUGE fan of the colorful baubles Neety Singh creates and one of her blue onyx neckpieces is something i KNOW i will own one day. For now though, no big princessy lehenga is complete without a cocktail ring ! Gorge!


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