VS Blush Peach (5) Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Radiant Blush In Peach: Swatches & Review

Guest Review By Rhea (Light Skin Tone, Combination Skin)

Been looking for the prettiest peach blush? Try Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Radiant Blush in Peach. I know, I know, if only we had such fabulous brands here in India. Unfortunately we don’t, so the next time you have a relative coming down and they ask you what you want instead of ‘oh it’s okay’ just say OMG I thought you’d never ask, here’s my shopping list! Haha not really, but seriously though? You want a pretty feminine peachy blush, go for it.

This ones a lovely light tone, goes well with my fairish complexion. The texture is a smooth velvet – like powder. It doesn’t streak but you have to be careful to build it up and not load it on. (Refer to P&B’s blush tutorial for different face shapes and you won’t go wrong!) I would normally wear this shade to work, or just during the day. I found that it has great lasting power and stayed on till the end. Now remember, while using light shades such as these, it is always advisable to contour with a slightly darker shade before. You can use this peach to give you that pop of color. Of course, if peach is totally your shade, then do feel free to use it at night as well, just be sure to dust shimmer in the right places. It is not all that cheap at $7 a pop which is roughly Rs. 450, but I would say it is totally worth investing in!

VS Blush Peach (2)VS Blush Peach (3)

VS Blush Peach (4)

Rating: A-

Price:  $7

Final Recommendation: Victoria Secret Beauty Rush Radiant Blush in Peach  is suitable for that pretty peach look along with either nude or peach lips, but I wouldn’t use it by itself. I would contour before using a darker shade and use it to add that radiant pop of color. Also, before going for a wedding or a party, I would use it with a pop of shimmer above my cheekbones :). Suits lighter skintones perfectly!

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