Behind the scenes at Lakme Fashion Week 2013, Lakme Senior Artists were hard at work creating some stunning looks for the designers. One of them- dark, ruby red lips, simple eyeliner and oodles of false lashes complete with a top knot !

Here is how to get a simple fool-proof top knot courtesy Lakme!



Part your hair horizontally and  pull your hair back into a pony tail.



Secure your pony tail with a rubber band. Quick tip- the hair stylists back stage dont use rubber bands the way we do- they dont open it up and put your hair through the loop- they put the rubber band around the pony tail in a circular fashion and secure the rubber band with a pin!


DSC01935Braid the high pony and secure it at the bottom with a rubber band !

DSC01937 DSC01944

Wrap the braid around the top of your hair into concentric circles so you have a little bun at the top. Secure with pins.

DSC01943Flat iron the front part of your hair.


Step 7: Sweep the flat ironed hair onto a side



Use the same falttened strand of hair to wrap your bun and secure.


Add some ruby red lip color ! The Lakme Artists were using combinations of the Lakme Lip Palette !

DSC01905Funky Nail Art by the Lakme Team !




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