It’s always fun to know what exactly goes on behind the scenes at Lakme Fashion Week Winter Festive 2013 ! So i put together a photo diary for you just so you know how it is to be at the event !


Want to come backstage with me??? Lets go girls ! (The flash made my face look so white !)


But Wait a second. Lets quickly tweet our outfit photo before we leave.  As a blogger, you MUST tweet at all times!

Okay reached the Venue.

SHIT. You forgot your accreditation without which you cannot enter Lakme Fashion Week ! Go back, get your accreds and enter again!

Ok Got in. Lets go backstage now!


The Backstage Area- With Lakme Artists Hard at Work!

backstage41-001 backstage3-001

Inspiration Pictures are strewn about everywhere. From Hair inspirations to beauty inspirations- Designers sit and match their outfit photos and along with Lakme Makeup Expert Clint Fernandes, to decide which look goes best with the entire styling of the range. When there are two designers for one show its even crazier.

Designer 1 wants ruby lips

Designer 2 wants nude Lips

So the Makeup Artists have to create a look that would work with both kinds of lips, and then quickly change the lip colors as each model finishes her walk for Designer 1

backstage111 backstage1

Models wait as they get their eyelashes fixed. Its a really narrow alley, so if you block the way  in between chances are you will got knocked about so keep moving while you click photos!

By the way these are Four most used Lakme Products i spotted backstage:

  • Lakme Absolute Moonlit Highlighter: They use this as a highlighter, blush and even eyeshadow  !
  • Lakme Asbolute Lip pallette: Innumerable lip combinations are possible so its easy to switch up the lip colors backstage with this !
  • Lakme Perfect Radiance Compact is a quick, fool proof powder that mattifies the models skin
  • The Lakme Gel Stylist Nail Polishes are a rage and every backstage MUA loves them (I love them too)


After Makeup is done, Models go for hairstyling!



There is more hairspray and pins in that 10 feet area than the entire state of Gurgaon combined.

backstage10 backstage7

Just outside the hair and makeup area are the clothing racks which fashion assistants are busy steam pressing. Overheard backstage – a senior assistant telling a junior one “If so much as one drop of coffee is spilt on even one strap of one blouse,  you have HAD it “

Reminded me of Devil Wears Prada !

lakme-fashion-week-2013-winter-festive-003And as you move further away, you see Models who have already had their hair and makeup done, chit chatting and exchanging the latest gossip stories about the Fashion Week Party the night before ! “You know who xyz was with at the party..shhh..aahhh..what? really?”

Right so…now that we are done backstage lets see what happens at the front of the stage

lakme-fashion-week-2013-winter-festive (11)

The stage looks serene and calm. Nothing much happening here yet. But wait till you see where i sit..


Welcome to the Photographer Pit.

It is the MOST crazy, INSANE, Testosterone filled area with the MOST amount of Energy in the entire show (and the best seats in the house). When the lights go dim they scream ‘LIGHTS, LIGHTS , LIGHTS’!!!. When the show is about to start they yell ‘Ganpatti Bappa Moriyaaaaaa’. There is this underlying ‘Bro code’ amongst them- you dont get in my way, ill try not to get in yours- we all in need good photographs. I couldnt help but giggle because in the middle of all of this was …


Poor Little Me !!!  Yep- in my white dress, sitting on the floor!

anita-dongre-2013-lakme-fashion-week-winter-festive (42)

The Show progresses, and all you can hear is the background music complete with intermittent clicks of the camera.

As soon as the show wraps up..the camera guys yell “Post SHow Post Show Post Show” and they literally trample over each other to get to the Post Show Conference area where they can get a byte from  the designer/ celebrity/ model etc.

lakme-fashion-week-2013-winter-festive (10)-001After the Post show area, you head to the media centre where you have cookies, tea and lots of laptops and workstations to write up your posts.

And this happens for 1 show. There are close to 9-10 shows in a SINGLE day starting at noon and ending at midnight !!!! I was there just for a day and a half and i am already exhausted!! Full respect to the Lakme PR Team who is there from early morning to late night and even the post show parties. I dont know how they do it !!!

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