Bobbi Brown Blush in Pale Pink: Swatch & Review

What i wanna know is…Do animals have accents ? Does a french dog have a different ‘Bow-wow’ than the Indian Bhow-Bhow? Its in my ‘Questions about the world that no one has answers to ‘  list. Some other questions in that list-‘How  Do fish drink water,  Why do people say ‘Slept like a baby’ when babies wake up every other hour’, ‘Are there any pale pink makeup products that might actually flatter medium skintones too?’ 

While i devote my life to answering the rest of these questions, i think i can safely say Bobbi Brown’s Pale Pink Blush has got that last one covered yeah? First of all, whoever made this blush wanted to Jedi-Mind Trick us. Because when you look at it in the pan you would think its like ‘Brighter than most blushes pink ” , but then when you swatch it- it definitely goes on a lot paler so don’t let the color in the pan fool you !!! Its just a Jedi-Mind Trick !!

Pale Pink is actually a bright, but light, cool toned pink. There is definitely a purplish undertone to it somewhere but overall this is a nice color for lighter to slightly medium skintones who are looking for a pop of color on the cheeks to lift their face. One of Bobbi Browns favourite trick is to use two blushes- an earthy one first, and then a bright pop directly at the apples. This would qualify as a good ‘pop ‘ blush- and if you are lighter in skintone then these will definitely give you that post ‘exercise’ (ahem) flush.

In terms of the boring details- super duper pigmented. So much so that you have to be careful or you will blush our way to Babboon Land in no time. First timers, go easy on this one- this is not like Mac Sheertones where its a wisp of color that can be built. Its full on color. It does last really long and blends well but i found the formula a tad bit dry- it somehow didn’t melt like butter on the skin like some other Bobbi Brown blushes do.

Pros of Bobbi brown Blush Pale Pink

  • Really pretty, pop of pink that looks like you just exercised.
  • Really Beautiful pick me up color for  lighter to medium skin tones (Even though its a cool pink its still flattering on warm skin tones)
  • Super Pigmented
  • Blendable
  • Long Lasting
  • I really like the packaging tons better than say Mac- all my mac blushes keep losing their plastic covers

Cons of Bobbi Brown Blush Pale Pink

  • Its easy to go overboard on the color as very little is required for full pigmentation
  • Texture is a little bit dry.

bobbi-brown-blush-pale-pink-002 bobbi-brown-pale-pink-blush1


Swatch bobbi-brown-blush-pale-pink

Me looking exhausted after a day in the office. With just a whiff of Bobbi Brown Pale Pink Blush on my cheeks (I barely touched it) . On my lips is Mac Twig.

Verdict: A-

Price: Rs 2030/0

Recommendation: Bobbi Brown Pale Pink blush is likely to flatter lighter to medium skin tones and is a great ‘pop’ color for an instant pick me up on your cheeks. These blushes are insanely pigmented, long lasting, and blendable though i found that there was something left to be desired from the texture- it was a tad bit too dry.

PS: Im really excited to try out other colors in these blushes. Iv pretty much exhausted all color options in Mac, so its super nice to have all these new options!!

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