The most buzzing area in Lakme Fashion Week 2013 is definitely the Lakme Absolute Pro Stylist lounge. I mentioned before that it looks like a giant spaceship travelling to makeup land and i was dying to check it out. Today i went and checked it out and i got to try the Super Amazing Lakme Gel Stylist Polishes. Im not kidding (and im not saying this just to be nice to Lakme, but these are AWESOME). They have these super glossy finish, they dont chip and they look and feel so smooth. Also had a chance to take a quick peak at the Absolute Royal Collection.

lakme-0fashion-week-2013 I met a fellow blogger there !

lakme-fashion-week-2013Signature pose outside Lakme Absolute Pro Stylist Lounge. Come  lets enter this spaceship !



Lakme Absolute Products EVERYWHERE!!!

lakme-absolute-lipglosses lakme-absolute-range1That is the Lakme Absolute Royal Range by Sabyasachi. All the colors are really rich jewel tones- golds, greens, blues and burgundys.

Those liners are totally gorgeous looking !!! Will try and get you guys some swatches asap !

lakme-absolute-range2 lakme-absoplute-royal-range2 lakme-absolute-range3

The New Range of Absolute Royal Nailpolishes by Lakme. That Emerald Green would be stunning ! That blue on the extreme left- gorgeous too. However, keeping with my white and accent of neon theme for the day, i chose a bright funky, neon polish from the Lakme Gel Stylist Range

lakme-absolute-ropyal1 lakme-absolute-royalOMG i LOVE it. I would buy it right now if they were selling it in the lounge. Wait are they?

*Dashes off to ask*

lakme-loungelakme-salonGirls getting pampered at the Pro Stylist Lounge !!!! Super fun !

Lakme Salon

Then, i headed to the Lakme Salon where they looked at my hair and said hmm- lets give you a little bit of scrunching. So they used TIGI Small talk lakme-salon2

\Hmm that guy says he can get me runway ready !!! Lets see you in action mister.


It took just about 5 minutes of scrunching with NO heat mind you …lakme-absolute-salonAnd we get a tousled look. FYI these are the products he used…


Speaking of TIGI…the TIGI Lounge was one super cute area- all white with all the funky TIGI products lined up.tigi-lounge tigi--lopunge

We are bloggers- we click photos EVERYWHERE.


The TIGI Serious Conditioner



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