That is what i wore for our anniversary dinner last month ! On my lips is the fabulous Shiseido Perfect Rouge Lipstick 142 Sublime mixed  with the super funky Mac Scarlet Ibis  ! Face- Mac Face & Body Foundation, Mac Mocha Blush (cannot be seen).




I love this red ruffled top- it instantly makes me feel super glam! I bought it off one of those chinese websites online-im not sure which one because before our honeymoon i went on a crazy shopping spree online, but if you follow a lot of those small facebook shops, similar outfits like these are available there!

Cute Story About Anniversary

24th June was our 1 year anniversary and at 12:00 am on 23rd, me being the bore that  i am was fast asleep on the bed. Until the boy scooped me up (literally), and instead of having a nice Mills & Boon type reaction i was like -*im sleeepy, WHAT are you doinnng**. But then as we went into the living room- there was my favourite cake from Angels in my kitchen, one golden candle lighting up the room , a photo of him and me on his laptop, Shania Twains ‘Yr still the one’ playing in the background and my new Camera as my anniversary present. Major brownie points earned. <3 <3 <3

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