If the clothes at the Delhi Couture Week 2013 Sabyasachi show made you yawn then you are either one of the following:

  •  A Guy (all clothes will make you yawn)
  •  Sleep Deprived
  •  More of a Makeup Enthusiast than a bridal wear enthusiast

If you do fall into the last category then you will want to run to your nearest Mac store and give them a big flat slurping kiss, because they decoded the Sabyasachi look for us ! Mickey Contractor was actually keying the Mac show, and he shows us the face chart he used and products he utilised to create these looks. These are surprisingly minimal products so very easy to do !

On a side note, how hot is the jewellery! All those strands of emerald..GIMME !!! GIMME !!! GIMMEE!!!!


How stunning is Indrani Das Gupta? Her eyes match her  Sabyasachi Saree perfectly! Also loving the absolutely faint use of blush- which is actually not blush but ‘Tint Cream Color Base’. The lipstick Yash looks like perfection on her ! Still cant stop drooling over the jewellery on the right though. Makeup-look-sabyasachi-show1-001


The shape in which eyeshadow has been applied is quite interesting. It goes almost  across the lid in a straight  almost horizontal line, and then sweeps out. So when you open your eyes, you cant see the eyeshadow on outside of the lid, but can see it on the edges. Also – that is Mac Embark Eyeshadow and Mac Carbon Eyeshadow used on the lids- Embark is such a pretty brown!facechart

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