Inglot Lipstick Refill 63 (5) Inglot Freedom System Lipstick Refill #63: Swatches & Review

Guest Review By Priya R

I am a HUGE Red Lipstick fan– blue based red, orange based red, pink reds, brown reds, Red Reds  – pretty much any type and form of red available….Whenever I am on a lookout to buy a neutral or coral shade lipstick, I get distracted by red ones. One such impulsive buy is Inglot Freedom System Lipstick #63. I call it an “impulsive” buy because I needed 3 lipstick refills to fill my round palette & couldn’t decide on which shade to order, red seemed like a safe choice.

Product Description:

  • Colours and Shades: 90
  • Paraben Formula 
  • Not Tested on animals

My Views:

Inglot Freedom System is very well known to all & I am not going to bore you with details you already know. Inglot recently decided to switch from round lipsticks & eyeshadows refills to square ones (smart move!). Well I was excited with the idea of square lipstick refills but what about my round refill palette? I needed to fill it quickly before round refills disappear from everywhere.

Inglot  Lipstick Refill 63 is a very pretty “true” red color. It looks like it has a  deeper- wine red  side to it in the pan but on lips it comes across as a beautiful,  deep red shade. It can be worn easily like a stain or intensely for the fuller red lips. There isn’t anything unique about shade 63, you probably already have a dupe in your collection. Specially being a red lipstick fan, this shade didn’t make me feel “wow”. Infact I prefer applying it like a stain, it looks prettier that way on me.

Inglot Freedom System Lipstick Refill 63 has a very creamy texture and it applies evenly. It is highly pigmented color and with 2 swipes you can get  opaque coverage. It does not dry out during wear time & keeps the lips moist. Shade 63 gives a creamy finish, somewhere in between gloss and matte. Since it’s a true red shade, it requires a little care as to make sure it does not vanish with the meals unevenly or starts to feather away. Without meals, it survives for about 3-4 hours on me & then it slowly disappears leaving behind red flushed lips. It does not survive meals! I think no red lipsticks really survives any meal!

Storing these lipstick refills are much easier than storing eyeshadow refills. These lipsticks comes in a sturdy plastic case and it can be re-used easily. If you don’t have a palette or if you don’t prefer buying one, secure this plastic cases. These cases are travel friendly too.

Inglot Lipstick Refill 63 (6)Inglot Lipstick Refill 63 (2)Inglot Lipstick Refill 63 (1)Inglot Lipstick Refill 63 (3)

Inglot Lipstick Refill 63 (4)

Applied lightly as a stain


  1. Paraben free
  2. Creamy texture
  3. Does not dry on lips
  4. Can be worn intensely or as stain
  5. Comes in a sturdy plastic case


  1. Can be easily duped as a shade, and looks better on me as a stain
  2. Does not survive meals
  3. Requires extra care to maintain the color on the lips


Rating: B+

Price: Rs. 300

Recommendation: Inglot Freedom System Lipstick Refill 63 is true  red which  will flatter many skin tones. It is a versatile shade since it looks pretty as a stain for office wear & can be worn intensely for party/night time. The creamy texture, moisturizing effects & insane pigmentation definitely makes it a great lipstick but the shade isn’t very unique to have.

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