We are just one show down and i already have 4 posts lined up for you but first, lets start with  backstage – before all the madness, the excitement, the buzz and the celebs happened.

Here is what you can check out (click the links below)

lakme-fashion-week-2013-winter-festive (9)



I arrived at the venue WAYYY too early! Im so glad i wore something super comfortable because we were running about the whole time and i had to sit on the ground in the photographers pit for the shows . Oh about the outfit- yes the white dress is for tommorow.


That is the makeup i wore!


lakme-fashion-week-2013-winter-festive (4)


As soon as you enter the Hotel, you will see the Giant Lakme Absolute Fab Lab! 

lakme-fashion-week-2013-winter-festive (11)

I headed to the show arena, but there was no action there and that is because…


All the action was backstage !!!

Here is what i spotted backstage

lakme-fashion-week-2013-winter-festive (14)

All the models want perfect skin, and everyone goes again and again to the mua’s till their base is absolutely perfect!


A gazillion pins go into the hair of the models and most of the times ‘Owwwww’, ‘Ouchhhh’   Áhhh”  ‘Wtff!!!’ is all you will here !

lakme-fashion-week-2013-winter-festive (26)

Models telling the MUA’s they want to use their own shade of lipsticks!

lakme-fashion-week-2013-winter-festive (19)

  • Really defined smokey eyes with a thick black liner were used backstage at Manish!  For a budget way to get this look- try the super affordable Lakme Insta -Liner.
  • There was a whole lot of Bronzer and contouring on the cheeks as well.
  • Bronzer doubled up as a fantastic crease color as well  and added depth to the look. Infact this whole look was done with just 3 products- a foundation, a bronzer, and a black liner.

lakme-fashion-week-2013-winter-festive (25)

lakme-fashion-week-2013-winter-festive (24)

  • Lots and LOTS of Braiding was happening back stage.
  • All the models got two french braids done on either side and then braids were joint together in a donut shape.
  • To make sure the braid is neat, the hair stylist rubbed some gel in their hands so  all the fly-aways were controlled!

lakme-fashion-week-2013-winter-festive (1)-001

  •  See that defined lip liner & Matte Skin ?
  • Definitely a common theme today- lips that were not completely nude, but more old world nude with a sheen and a defined lip.
  • Skin that was definitely veering towards a polished matte look rather than a glowy, dewy look !

Hopefully, tommorow i will get you guys a breakdown of how to achieve this look! Alsooo- i met Kajol and Neha Dhupia !!! And asked them some questions from P&B’s side ! All of that when we wake up tommorow ! Stay Tuned.

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