The first thing you think of when you are invited to be the Official beauty blogger for Lakme Fashion Week 2013 ( Day 0 and Day 1)  is .. “Hmm, how can i interpret beauty trends that are relevant to the new age Indian Woman amidst the global scenario of Economic Slowdown”…umm NOT . Unless you are Bandana Tiwari or some super serious fashion journalist. Me? The first thing i think of is..OMG I have nothing to wearrrrr !!! Now, typically i would go and buy something appropriate enough for Fashion Week, but i refuse to do so since i am on a shopping ban and hence will make do with what is best available in my closet. And guess who will help me decide ? YOU GUYS !!!  Just Remember before you vote for an outfit that it should be :

  • Comfortable to wear
  • Should be able to look good without heels (Im not a heels person at all- I feel i am undergoing chinese torture while wearing them)
  • Should not look like im trying too hard (Though obviously i am….know what i mean? It Should be like “Oh this, i just threw on whatever i could find ”  :p  …kidding)

Option #1 : The Zara Lace Dress (With a Bright Belt)



I love this dress because from the front its almost corporate and demure looking- high neck, not short- knee length and then you turn around and then *Bang* …its super super low back. Only thing is- Lingerie with this is extremely tricky!

Option #2 : The Mango Coral Dress (With a Bright Belt)


Peachesandblush143I know this looks like a balloon in the picture, but when you wear it – the neck is really interesting and i like it cinched at the waist with a gold belt. Think it might be too cocktailish for LFW though – i dont wanna ‘dress up’ you know.

Option #3: Cropped Navy Jumpsuit


I like that this is kind of casual, but can be dressed up or down. It kind of has an awkward length though- ends like 4 inches above my ankle i dont know if that looks nice or wierd.

Option #4: Indo Western


One of the shows i will be attending will be Manish Malhotra, so i thought i may add a bit of Indo-Western. Honestly, i would wear a Sari but  i dont know how to tie one myself and i cant handle myself in one so shall avoid. This is worn with a spaghetti strap inner and tights.

Option #5: Neon Pants 



I love my neon Pants but i think they may look too Hawaii-ish ! No? I might switch up that black top with something more formal like a nice white top or something…

So What Should i wear?

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Pssst: TOTALLY kicked about LFW 2013 btw!!!! Cant wait to see Anita Dongre’s show the Jaipur Bride in person!


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