Mac Twig Lipstick Review

Am i the only one that feels like a 12 year old trapped into a 26 year old body??? I mean, okay i understand i work in a serious office, that i manage a team of 4 MBA grads and im supposed to act like an adult…but my inner 12 year old cant really hide itself. I mean i have an Iphone cover with a pink and grey owl at the back and ears poking out , which people at work think is a UFO or something.  I say things like “Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee”  and “Yummmyyyyy” in a squealing kind of voice . I admit, i have even bounced up and down throwing a mini tantrum when my boss has told me we dont have time for a ‘ Treat’  . So to compensate for all that, sometimes i just like to look grown up. Those are the times when Mac Twig Lipstick comes out of hiding and on to my lips!

Twig, as you can tell by the name and the photos is a pretty pinky brown. Yup, this is the kind of colour we in India like to lap up and hence this is usually ALWAYS out of stock in India. ALWAYS People ! Maybe its me, but i do see a hint of a plum undertone to this muted pink brown, and its a color that i whole heartedly recommend to those of you with dark skintones looking for a nice everyday work wear shade. I have to say its a color that looks extremely different on everyone- it will definitely look much lighter on darker skintones than it looks on me, but it still is very flattering. In comparison to other lipsticks, this is a tad browner than Cosmo , and overall looks a tad bit lighter on the lips as well.

Twig is a Satin Finish Mac Lipstick which means it has a semi-matte kind of look. Satin finish lipsticks can tend to be a bit drying and Mac Mocha is definitely a little bit drying, but Twig is definitely one of the nicest Satin finish Mac’s i have tried. Its creamy, and it doesnt pull or tug on the lips and hopefully it wont dry out over time either. Satin finishes last quite a while- atleast 5 hours on me!

Mac Twig Dupe: Nyx B52 Lipstick

Loved the color but not the price? Nyx B52 lipstick is an almost EXACT dupe of this shade. To read about that lipstick go here- Nyx B52 Lipstick





Do i look serious enough?

Verdict :A

Price: 990/-

Recommendation: Mac Twig Lipstick is a beautiful colour for Indian skintones and definitely in my list of ‘Lipsticks dusky girls must own’ . A beautiful pinky brown, this one can be a great MLBB shade for a lot of you. So what are you waiting for? Get Twiggy With it ! *na na nuh-nuh na na naa*  *na na nuh-nuh na na naa*  Get Twiggy with it !

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