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Maybelline Bold Matte ColorSensational  Lipstick

Bold Matte may sound like the name of a font you would want to title your project report with, and MAT02 may sound like some statistical software that helped you make that project, but worry not girls. Its just Maybelline has gone all tech on us with their spanking new Bold Matte Lipsticks by Maybelline Colorsensational !! And What better way to Celebrate Independence day than with a touch of orange from Maybelline’s Bold Matte Range Right ???

Maybelline Claims :

Hydrating matte with honey nectar 

Moisturising agents like rosa canina oil and jojoba oil 

Powderless matte pigments ensure true vivid shades 

Maybelline says its their first ‘Matte’ Lipstick in India. Umm Hello? Did you forget about your other kid- the 24 hr Superstay Lipstick– those were mattes too right? But for now lets cut right to it- MAT 02 is a bright, bright, vivid coral !!! If you are a lover of all things coral and can handle a little oomph then this is definitely the color for you – Im looking at all you Warm skinned cuties– from pale to dusky! Infact its kind of similar to their Stay With Me Coral from the Superstay range, except that i think that was more neon, and this one is more wearable. Going into ‘Bright Lipsticks i Lové’ List!

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When you hear matte, you expect thick pigment covering your lips giving you that intense matte color. These give you that intense matte color alright, but they aren’t thick, or heavy AT ALL. Infact, they kind of feel like a stain- just feathery and light. They look like a lipstick, they feel like a lipstick but really i think these are just great, pigmented , opaque lip stains. You know like the Nyx Soft Matte Lip creams??? Yeah, these have a finish like that !! They last ages (Iv been wearing it since the morning since i started watching ‘Gandhi’ on tv and it 6 pm now and i just returned from the mall)– i can only notice slight fading after 7 hours and they feel pretty comfortable to wear, although just a tad (very very tiny) bit drying after two hours.

Pros of Bold Matte Lipsticks by Maybelline:

  •  Very Pigmented- two swipes to opaque
  • Feel very light and weightless
  • Give a nice, stained effect
  • Lasts long- over 7 hours with just slight fading and withstands meals as well
  • The finish is really pretty too
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Glides on effortlessly


  • Its just a slight bit drying (im being overly critical here honestly its a very tiny amount  for a matte lipstick)


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Verdict: A

Price: Rs 375/-

Recommendation: I think MAybelline has cracked the Matte lipstick code with these new cuties on the block !! MAT 02 is a stunning, vivid coral  with reddish undertones and it lasts ages without being excessively drying (just a tiny bit) and feels so super light on the lips. They give a pretty, stained effect and have great pigmentation. Miles of improvement from the Superstay range and cheaper too!

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