There are two tell tale signs  at Lakme Fashion Week 2013 that show you are not from Bombay. First – when photographers are going crazy scrambling to get a picture of someone you dont recognise:

bollywood-lakme-fashion-week-2013-winter-festive (2)


You cannot for the life of you recognise the socialite or industrialist, or P3 personality! So yr all like:


The second tell tale sign is when you see Bollywood, and everyone around is just non chalant and all , you are like “OMMGGGG I dieee”.

Which is exactly what happened to me. But i mustered up the courage to actually go and talk to some of these gorgeous ladies and here is what they had to say.

bollywood-lakme-fashion-week-2013-winter-festive (18)-001

Neha Dhupia is definitely the camera’s darling. She poses, she smiles, she answers questions, she poses again ! I loved her makeup yesterday!!!

bollywood-lakme-fashion-week-2013-winter-festive (48)-001

So i went to her and said:

Me : “Hi Neha, Im the official blogger for Lakme Fashion Week 2013 Winter Festive. Can i get a quick pic?”

Neha : “Sureee . Sit right here. But who will click? “- She gestures to a person sitting behind her “Oh Hes a photographer he will click”.

Me: “Okay so P&B wants to know what is your beauty secret? How come your skin is always so glowy?”

Neha “Drink lots of water. Just stay hydrated”

Me: “Noooo please dont say that. All my readers specifically didn’t want that answer”

Neha: “Umm ok, then drink a glass of wine. It puts a flush on your cheeks and a smile on your lips”

Ok. I tried.

Beauty Look for Neha : Dewy Foundation, lots and lots of smokey grey eyeshadow both under the lower lash line and on the eyelid., Peach pink blush and pale pink lipstick


bollywood-lakme-fashion-week-2013-winter-festive (46) bollywood-lakme-fashion-week-2013-winter-festive (52)-002Im a HUGE HUGE HUGE Kajol fan so i literally loitered around her for fifteen minutes while she animatedly was talking to someone. She is SO excited and chirpy and reminds me exactly of her character in K3G !!!! I started off saying “Hi Kajol…Im the the…OMG Im just a HUGE fan ” and she nicely agreed to get a quick pic.

Kajols Beauty Tip for P&B Readers : “Smile, and stay Happy . You will look the most beautiful”

Beauty Look for Kajol: Matte Foundation, Compact Powder, Thick Gel liner at the top, Kohl at the bottom, Beigey brown lipstick. (Lakme Lip Love in Aphrodite Blush is exactly how this looks)


bollywood-lakme-fashion-week-2013-winter-festive (37)-001

Also Spotted Jacqueline Fernandes looking ultra stunning in an orange Manish Malhotra and running to Manish saying

“OMG Manishhhh i just lurvvve these coloursss”

Beauty Look for Jacqueline: Dewy Foundation, Orange Lipstick, Fluttery Lashes, Minimal Eyeliner to open the eyes.


bollywood-lakme-fashion-week-2013-winter-festive (7)-001

Shabana Azmi was in the building !bollywood-lakme-fashion-week-2013-winter-festive (3)-001

Anaita Shroff Adajania

bollywood-lakme-fashion-week-2013-winter-festive (29)-001 bollywood-lakme-fashion-week-2013-winter-festive (14)-001

Rocky S

bollywood-lakme-fashion-week-2013-winter-festive (49)-001

Karisma Kapoor looked absolutely stunning ! She had a bright, vivid red lipstick on with a slightly winged out eyeliner.

bollywood-lakme-fashion-week-2013-winter-festive (51)-001

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