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Meet Aditi

A bride who looked like a different person at each of her  events – from a glitzy diva on her engagement to a gorgeous South Indian Bride- the only thing in common was the big smile on her face and the groom by her side ! Armed with ace photographers and some Super Makeup Artists, this bride was a definite stunner! Over to Aditi ….

The Love + Arranged  Story…
It was sort of a love cum arranged marriage. We met for the first time through a common family friend and then spent 6 months getting to know each other without the involvement of our parents. So essentially dated for 6 months before we decided to tie the knot.
 It was a proper Bunt (Manglorean) wedding. The only difference of culture being my side of the family is entirely Bombay based and my husband’s side is mostly Bangalore based. So we tend to be more wild and crazy and they are more dignified and prim and proper. I think we have have scandalised them with a few of the sangeet performances (a song with some of my friends dancing to “Dreamum Wakeupum” and a song with my male friends dressed up as women in ghagras gyrating to “Fevikol” :) However, my brother managed to take prior permission from my mother-in-law (then to be ma-in-law) before they actually went through with it.
The Mehendi
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The Engagement
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The Trousseau Shopping spanning Mumbai and Chennai…
I didn’t have too much time between my engagement and wedding to really be too picky (three months exactly is what I had). Also I am an extremely impatient and impulsive shopper so I am capable of picking up the first half decent thing I stumble upon. (Can you believe my mom went minus me to pick out my wedding Kanjeevaram as I refused to go all the way to Chennai to purchase that one saree, amongst other sarees that had to be bought for close relatives for the purpose of gifting). My aunt and friend were a huge help with the shopping process as they kept pushing me to look around a bit more a work a little harder around the wedding shopping!
 I bought my sangeet and reception outfit from Sushma sarees in Juhu, Mumbai – the lehengas were a bit over the 1 Lakh range. Shes got some really fantastic stuff.
My wedding saree was from KalaNikethan in Chennai (not to be confused with the one in Bombay) and costed around 50K
The wedding jewellery was traditional gold (temple jewellery its called, I think) and purchased almost entirely from Kalyan Jewellers, Abharan Jewellers in Mangalore and Dagina Jewellers (in Matunga, Mumbai). For the sangeet I wore a Jadaun set which i bought from a private jeweller in bombay but she had sourced it from a jeweller. The reception set was also from the same jeweller and was sourced from her workshop in Delhi.
The Wedding
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The Reception
The Events
The sangeet was undoubtedly the most fun function. It added a dash of madness to the whole routine with the food, alcohol and song and dance. I danced to “Auntyji Auntyji” with my friends (its strange but I love the energy in the song!) and we did a couple dance to “Desi girl”, decided and prepared the night prior to the Sangeet (1am to 3am to be precise).
The Amazing Makeup Artist
I was extremely fortunate to have an amazing make up artist in the family. My aunt (mami), Divya Shetty (Phone no: 09821798987) based out of Bombay did a fantastic job of keeping all the looks completely different from each other. She managed everything single handedly start to end from the make up to the hairdo to the draping of the outfit and everything turned out really well.
The People Who Captured the laughter, the tears, the madness and everything in Between
The Wedding Salad‘ covered all the functions (mehendi, sangeet, cocktail and wedding). I don’t have to tell you how good a job they did, I think the photos stand as proof for that! Not only have they made us appear a lot more beautiful than we actually are, but they were extremely professional and focussed all the time! I recommend them to every new couple ready to tie the knot and looking for professional photographers  who can do great candid wedding photographer :)
A Few Beautiful Shots by The Wedding Salad
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