Hello Hello People !! After a super early morning of waking up at 7:30 am and boarding a Jet Airways Flight sandwitched in between two old business men type uncles (Read= no conversations and 1.5 hours  of boredom YAWN), I finally arrived in Mumbai at about noon!

I actually have the whole day to kill since the first show starts tonight (Manish Malhotraaaa – any guesses on which celebs we will be seeing tonight?? I swear if i see Kareena im going to attack her and get her to tell me her all her skin secrets. But then i dont think the attack will go down well with the Lakme people, so i shall just ask politely) and then tommorow will be on crazy day of Madness. So much stuff to do- check out all the buzz about the Lakme Absolute Royal Collection, Meet and Interview People, Watch Shows, Learn Backstage Makeup Tricks…Phew!


Top 5 Makeup Related Things Im Most Excited About:

  • The Lakme Absolute Royal Collection : This is in Collaboration with Sabyasachi . Lakme + Sabya= Geniusness.!!! Plus did you see how gorgeous that gold liner looks on the model in the photo here!!!!


  • Watching The Lakme Artists Transform the Models Backstage: Ill try and get you guys a video for Backstage just so you know how buzzing the area is. Do follow me on twitter (Twitter Handle: peachesnblush) or like our facebook page because there will be live updates from there!


  • Street Beauty & Fashion Styles: All the cool beauty looks the Guests at LFW are sporting !!!


  • Lakme Absolute Fab Lab : I hope i get to have an experiential  at the Lakme Absolute  Fab Lab- it looks like a Spacecraft made of just makeup from the pictures i have seen from earlier Weeks!!


Stay tuned for updates on the Manish Malhotra show TONIGHT !!!!

lakme -fashion week-2013

Early Morning- I travel in Gunjees , tights and Lakme Absolute Pop Tint  Candy Kiss on my lips – no liner, no nothing else!


Delhi T3 Terminal. Its so pweeerrrrtttyy !!! Plus it has M&S and all these cool brands to shop at!

lakme- fashion -week-2013


And we land amidst the palm trees in Chatra Pati Shivaji Airport in Mumbai!

lfwDigging into a bowl of Singaporean Laksa as soon as i arrived. I was so hungry- i was searching for some Vada Pao stand but couldnt find one. For the record – Street Food in Mumbai=kickass.lfw2013

A super tired me writing this blog post for you guys. I need to get my beauty sleep now people!

Oh so what shall i be wearing? Well for the full day tommorow, since the White Dress Won the poll hands down, that is goin to be it. For today, i might have to innovate and come up with something on my own cos guess what my coral dress’s zipper gave way!

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