Revlon Mascara (4) Revlon Fabulash Waterproof Mascara Blackest Black Review 

Guest Review By CSP Ballal

Im not a mascara girl, infact would you believe that till now in my life I haven’t really worn full blown mascara!!!! I had a  gel mascara which I hardly ever  used- and that too more for taming my eyelashes. But i threw that one away recently and thought its about time i get my first ever black mascara which is when the Revlon Fabulash Waterproof Mascara in Blackest Black entered my life . I always felt like Mascaras are going to give me that gloopy, clumpy looking lashes with black residue and hence i avoided them. But i guess if my fears were true, there wouldnt be so many mascara fans in the world right?

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Coming to Revlon Fabulash Waterproof Mascara 01 Blackest Black, this is one which is suiting a hesitant beginner like me. The black straight tube packaging is the look and external feel of this mascara. The long handle for the applicator is really helpful and aids in the  careful swirling up of the lashes .

The exact consistency of the mascara cannot be explained well by a beginner like me. But I must say, it does not get stocked up on the lashes. It sticks to the lashes in just the right amount. It makes the lashes stand neatly up in the pushed out direction and looks like it opens up the eyes. It dries up pretty soon after application. The mascara does not form into powdery pieces or fall out of the lashes.

I have not had any eye irritation. This is a product that is perfect for someone like me who do not like dramatic and loud eye lashes. If you want a simple, everyday mascara without those super dramatic results then Revlon Fabulash is a great option,

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Rating: A-

Price : 400/- approx

Recommendation:  If you are looking for  a light weight natural looking  masacara, then the Revlon Fabulash Waterproof Mascara 01 Blackest Black will not dissapoint. It makes the eye lashes look neat and opens up the eyes- without giving any dramatic results. Good bet for an everyday option!

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