Rimmel Scandel Eyes Mascara (2)

Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Mascara 

Guest Review By Lee (Light Skin Tone, NC 35, Combination Skin)

Product Description: For lashes so big, it’s almost criminal! Rimmel London Volume Flash Scandal Eyes Mascara Black, introducing a scandalous mascara, ready to take your lashes to the next level. Rimmel new Scandal Eyes Mascara doesn’t know when to stop. With a brand new oversized brush and innovative formula, be prepared to say hello to lashes you never knew you had. Shaped, plumped, and exaggerated to perfection. Don’t settle for anything less. Be part of the lash revolution.

My Views

I have a hate-hate relationship with my lashes. I was initially blessed with fairly dense and long lashes but thanks to regular usage of waterproof mascara (removal is such a pain ) and I ended up losing many precious lashes plus wrong removal of falsies didn’t help much either! Hence I’m always on the lookout for volumizing mascaras. Rimmel London is one brand that is really popular for their mascaras especially ‘Scandaleyes’ so when Slassy started stocking Rimmel this mascara was the first thing I wanted to order. But like all popular products this is almost always OOS. Luckily my bestie found the its last 2 pieces in Kolkata and sent it across to me.

Scandaleyes mascara is packaged in a chubby and neon orange tube which is extremely cute though some might find the color a bit tacky but personally I love it! The main attraction of this mascara is the wand. It comes with a nylon bristled wand which is thick and chubby. I do like the wand when I have some time on my hand and can spare a few extra minutes applying mascara but if I’m in a hurry I find the application very tricky and I manage to get it all over my eyelid. Also, its hard to coat the inner lashes hence leading to more disasters.

The formula of the texture is gloopy and a little on the wet side but dries quickly. It is jet black in shade and is waterproof. It has been put to test and did not budge even when I was accidentally caught in a burst of shower!

Now does it deliver on the volume and length aspect? Well sort of! I have sparse lashes ads it gives me average volume and a bit of length. On the other hand, my sister who has good dense lashes loves it to the core and it does give her ample volume making her lashes look thick and curled! But the worst thing about this mascara is that is clumps easily . I always need a lash comb to separate my lashes if I apply more than 2 coats otherwise it seems I have just 4 thick lashes. EEW!

I still prefer my HG Maybelline Colossal mascara to this as that give me amazing volume, good length and does not clump! Overall, I think this is a decent product that ladies with good dense lashes will absolutely love as long as the clumping part isn’t an issue. Those with sparse lashes like mine might not be bowled over by this.

Rimmel Scandel Eyes Mascara (4)Rimmel Scandel Eyes Mascara (5)Rimmel Scandel Eyes Mascara (3)Rimmel Scandel Eyes Mascara

Pros of Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Mascara:

1) A jet black waterproof mascara

2)Those with dense lashes will love the volume it gives

3)Does not flake or chip

4)Attractive Chubby Packaging


Cons of Rimmel London Scandal Eyes:

1)Clumps easily if you apply more than 2 coats

2)Does not make much of a difference to my sparse lashes

3) Application can get a bit messy especially if you’re in a hurry

Rating: B-

Price: Rs 465 for 12ml

Availability: Rimmel is available in IGI Airport and at select malls over the country.

Final Recommendation: I found Rimmel’s ScandEyes mascara to be slightly overhyped – it gives average volume. Those blessed with thick and long lashes will certainly love it but you should skip it if you expect ‘scandalous’ volume from your mascara !

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