There is nothing like a bit of retail therapy after  a hard days work, and so yesterday i rewarded myself with two new pieces of Zara clothing (Hey it was sale time, it would be criminal to let them go !!!). A hard days work would be an exaggeration though, specially since we were playing dumb charades for the most part, but the heart desires what the heart desires!!! And this time my heart desires a LOT !!!

1. D&G Baroque Sunglasses: My mum thought i had gone cuckoo for falling in love with something that was ‘so gaudy’ in her words. I dont care if its gaudy or too loud, i think those gold roses on the sides are freaking awesome and the shape is a semi cat eye so i can be all like “Im a cat. With Gold Stuff. Dont mess with me” . I wanttt them. Price was a pretty 28,000/- and i couldnt get myself to spend that much for  looking like a gold cat.

2. Benefit Rockateur Blush: Saw this on IVC first and then researched it to find its a gorgeous rose gold with fine shimmer. Sigh. Rose Gold is a weakness and so is blush, and so is benefit . All rolled into one means- kill me now! Iv been meaning to go haul some stuff from Sephora this week (I actually must be the only Beauty Blogger who hasnt purchased a single thing from there till now) , but i know Benefit will be my first buy!.

3.Rohit Bal Lehenga: You guys know i have been obsessing over this mul mul lehenga because iv posted it pretty much everywhere. Still love it, still imagine myself in it at my SIL’s wedding ! I just cant figure out whether that is print, or painted on the mul mul or its actual gold embroidery !

4.Mac Antonio Lopez Collection Eyeshadow Pallette : I thought Antonio Lopez was some sort of a cousin of Jennifer Lopez but Mac taught me about him through their upcoming collection in the States. He is actually a fashion illustrator, and Mac’s upcoming collection is a whole lot of pretty! Loved the  tones of gold, brown and peach in this eyeshadow pallette!

5. Filigree Work Bag: This bag by a local designer is absolutely gorgeous. You don’t need jewellery when you carry a beautiful bag with intricate filigree work like this. Adore the string of white beads that form the handle as well . Plus i can team it with my Rohit Bal Lehenga you see. Notice how i said ” my ” …I shall own it oneday *Makes steely resolve face*

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