The Nature’s Co. Pineapple Lip balm 4 The Nature’s Co. Pineapple Lip Balm Review

Guest Review By Lucky

Lip balms are must have in every girl’s makeup kit and if it’s made of natural ingredients then they are hard to resist. The Nature’s Co is a brand which makes natural skin care products and since i am averse to chemicals in my skin care  I picked this lip balm from them few months back.

What Product Claims: Get soft, luscious lips with the goodness of pineapple. It moisturizes, protects & leaves lips looking smooth & hydrated.

My Views on The Nature’s Co. Pineapple Lip Balm:

When I bought this lip balm I was expecting it to smell and taste like pineapple but to my disappointment it does not smell or taste like that. It smells somewhat like pineapple candy but it is tasteless. About the texture – it is thick and very buttery and actually takes time to get absorbed in your skin.

This is  not a  petroleum based lip balm, however it still doesnt absorb quickly which limits its use under lipstick. It is best to be kept on your bed side table, to use every night. I use it every night, it keeps my lips soft, moisturized. It also heals chapped lips. It has goodness of kokum butter, mango butter (I wonder why pineapple lip balm has mango butter in it :P ) and castor oil which makes lips soft and keep dryness away.

It comes in rectangular, transparent plastic jar which looks hexagonal when the lid is placed on it. one need to use fingers to take out the product, something that most of us do not like. That’s why I feel it works best as a night lip care product, not very travel friendly stuff. It has not other functions like lightening of pigmented lips and it is colorless. So if one is looking for such things in the lip balm this isn’t the best option.

The Nature’s Co. Pineapple Lip balm 5The Nature’s Co. Pineapple Lip balmThe Nature’s Co. Pineapple Lip balm 2The Nature’s Co. Pineapple Lip balm 3

Pros of The Nature’s Co. Pineapple Lip Balm:

  • Makes lips soft, cures chapped lips.
  • Made of natural ingredients.
  • Buttery texture.
  • Smells like pineapple candy.
  • Stays on lips for 3-4 hours.
  • Good choice for winters.

Cons of The Nature’s Co. Pineapple Lip Balm:

  • Jar packaging, unhygienic and difficult to use.
  • Takes time to absorb, cannot be used under lipsticks.

 Rating: B

Price: 225 Rs/-

Recommendation: This is a nice colourless and tasteless lipbalm for everyday use. Makes lips soft, cures chapped lips, hydrates them from within. A good night treatment to keep lips moisturized. It has limited use as you cant use it under lipsticks (gives a thick layer and does not absorb) and the tub packaging is a tad bit annoying.

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