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So… we didn’t win the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards in the Beauty Category .  Indian Vanity Case did, and i have to be honest if it had been ANYBODY else apart from IVC i may have been a tiny bit miffed ! But I love IVC as much as all of you so a big congratulations to Cynthia Z – who i absolutely respect for the kind of unique content she manages to put up on her blog!

However we DID make it to the Cosmo Beauty Panel . * Cool Shades and Pouty Face* . What this means is that every month we guys will work behind the scenes at Cosmopolitan, and test out products and give out real reviews for you to read in Cosmopolitan! Considering my face is next to people like Nandini Bhalla (Cosmo Editor), Anamika Khanna (Designer) and a host of other absolutely phenomenally talented women i am super kicked !! Yayieee !!!

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Super big thank you to Shrutika, our reader who left a comment on the blog saying:

Mehak didi you are in Cosmo Beauty Panel in August Issue!!”  

Thats how i got to you. Also a big thank you to Assistant Editor Priya, who actually sent me the Cosmo PDF version and to the boy who braved traffic jams after a long day to get me the issue that seemed to be sold out everywhere.


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