Zoya Nail Polish Dahlia (5)Zoya Nail Lacquer PixieDust In Dahlia: Swatches & Review

Guest Review By Nia

I recently gave in and bought the other 5 of the Zoya PixiDust colours for Spring 2013. This is a review for the PixieDust collection in the colour Dahlia. If you have read my review for Zoya Pixiedust in London , you can skip to my take on this particular polish :)

Size: The nail polish contains 0.5 fluid ounces or 15 ml of product. It’s a good amount of product for the price. It’s not like anyone ever runs out of nail lacquer anyway! :)

My Take on Zoya PixieDust in Dahlia:

As far as finishes go, I love love love matte finishes. And that is exactly what Zoya Dahlia gives me. But what is a nail polish without some shimmer and glitter… And Dahlia is perfect for that too! It is silver shimmery-glitter jam packed in a pure black base that dries matte. Matte nail polish with glitter and texture, genius I tell you! As mentioned before, it is like a 3-dimentional nail polish! It applies like any other nail polish, wet looking, with an even smooth surface, but once it is dry, that smooth base evaporates and it leaves behind a matte base with beautiful 3-D shimmery awesomeness.

So Zoya Dahlia is pretty much like all other Zoya PixiDust nail polishes except that is is NOT sheer with the application of just one coat. It covers pretty well with just one coat and as soon you apply a second coat, you’re set to go! Do remember to wait about a minute before applying the second coat to avoid making a goopy-mess. The silver sparkles are just so pretty in the black base. In yellow light, they look like diamond dust! :) I tried to take a picture in yellow light to show you what I mean but I don’t think the picture does Dahlia justice.

Also, if you use a top coat on top, it’s a completely different nail polish! It creates this beautiful gel like depth and adds more dimension to the nail polish :)

Zoya Nail Polish Dahlia (4)Zoya Nail Polish Dahlia (2)Zoya Nail Polish Dahlia (3)Zoya Nail Polish DahliaZoya Nail Polish Dahlia (6)

Here are things I LOVE about Zoya PixieDust in Dahlia:

  • For $9.00 + tax, you get salon quality colour payoff
  • There are 18 colours to pick from currently in this particular finish and I guarantee that you like love at least one!
  • Awesome full coverage with Dahlia in the first coat!
  • Zoya says the drying time is much longer and asks to be patient with PixieDust’s application, but the drying time seemed the same to me. It doesn’t take long and you get the most unique finish ever
  • These nail lacquers are formulated WITHOUT formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, camphor, and dibutyl phthalate which are sooooo bad for the nails
  • These polishes have the best consistency ever – not too thin or thick. Just perfect!
  • The wear time without a top coat is over 5 days with very very minor tip wear and with a top coat I think it would last forever. I don’t know how long it really is because I always just end up removing it way before it starts to chip (Got to change up the nails :) )
  • About Zoya PixieDust in Dahlia, it is a beautiful deep black colour base. It dries completely matte and looks amazing! The shimmer particles in it are silver make it more wearable than most black polishes and the gritty texture makes it look 3D! Also, with a top coat, it looks like a completely different polish, so it’s like getting two nail polishes for the price of one! :)

Things I’m not so much in-love with about Zoya PixieDust in Dahlia:

  • Availability. Still no luck finding them in a store!! :(

Rating: A

Price: Rs 500-550/-

Recommendation: Zoya Pixie dust  in Dahlia is a gorgeous deep charcoal with silver shimmer and a matte finish ! Highly Recommended

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