A Bronze eyeshadow is a brown eyed girls best friend !! A soft sweep across the lids for a pretty , neutral everyday look for that first date , or dark, chocolatey and smokey for that clubbing night. Paired with a soft golds and pinks for your best friends wedding, or just used as a crease color- i could write a book titled 101 ways to use bronze & brown eyeshadows. For now, here are some of our favourite eyeshadows from the Bronze family!

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Mac Bronze : Ultimate Bronze eyeshadow for me- this one is a gorgeous, dark golden bronze and i have used this numerous times/ Check it out in action in the single eyeshadow look, or partnering with Expensive pink in this Pink & Bronze look.

Inglot AMC Shine Eyeshadow 12 : A beautiful coppery brown with shimmer, this is great as a soft overall lid color for date nights! Just a touch of a coppery tinge to it makes it super unique.

Inglot Pearl 409 could very well be a dupe for Mac bronze eyeshadow except Pearl 409 is more gold and a great color to pair with Ethnic wear!

Loreal Paris Infallible Eyeshadow in Endless Chocolate: This is a shadow you NEED to own. A dark, luxuruoisly rich brown with a stunning sheen, this makes a dark brown smokey eye look like child’s play! The gorgeous swatches are enough to tempt aren’t they?

Mac Folie Eyeshadow: This is a favourite crease color for me. I like how its a warm soft brown, so once blended on the crease it just gives a nice contour to the eye and for medium skintones its just a great blending color. Its not the smoothest eyeshadow to apply, but until i find a nicer crease color , this will have to do!)

Whats your fav brown-bronze eyeshadow?

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