You shouldn’t be treating you bridal lehenga as  a jaded Bollywood actress from yester year, because a little bit of a makeover and it can totally be a sizzling item number of today as well. If that gorgeous piece of art you bought as your wedding lehenga is lying stashed away in your closet somewhere, and crying out for some attention, then you need to read this !

While most of us think “Oh my god its so heavy, how can i ever re-use my lehenga“ are a few ideas:

– Take the dupatta and wear it as a half saree: Your dupatta is probably one of the prettiest parts of the lehenga, and you can totally re-use that with the blouse and wear it as a saree in this way. For eg: Lets say your blouse is emerald green and you have a red dupatta. What you need to do is get either a smaller piece of plain red fabric, and wrap it around your hip  and pleat it, or get some plain red fabric stitched as a pleated skirt. Wear this, and now attach your dupatta at the pleats, turn it around yourself and wear it like a saree . So you have  the pleats being plain red fabric and the dupatta being the rest of the saree. My mom has actually attached extra fabric to her wedding lehenga dupatta just so she can wear the dupatta as a saree.It looks heavy enough to be worn to a close wedding, but not overly bridal.

Get a semi-sheer , flowing  jacket worn over your existing lehenga skirt : You can get a beautiful , sheer floor length jacket made that you can wear over your lehenga skirt as a jacket lehenga. The lehenga would show through because the fabric is sheer and it would give a modern twist to the outfit- plus these are SO in vogue !

For a more modern, chic look-change up your blouse to a plainer one:  Get a plain, raw silk fitted top made that comes down below your navel as your blouse.  Using a darker jewelled color like Navy and Emerald green will ensure it doesn’t look as bridal.  You can even get a cropped jacket made as a blouse.Pair this with a light, shaded dupatta just worn across your chest and the original lehenga skirt.

Get An Anarkali made out of it: If you are someone who has put on a bit of weight, and feel like you wont be wearing a lehenga again, jut get the skirt of your lehenga attached to the blouse for a simple, cost effective anarkali you can flaunt on your brothers wedding !

For Lehengas that are very old & if you are ok with cutting up your lehenga : My mom’s lehenga is really old  (30 years now!) and so because the styles have changed, she doesnt really want to use that gold tissue lehenga again. So she  is contemplating taking out the gorgeous gold-bronze borders from her lehenga and attaching them to an outfit or saree. Ofcourse there is sentimental value attached in cutting up your wedding lehenga, but hers is lying pretty much unused! You can find some beautiful pieces of embroidery, or some borders and you can revive them by putting it on new fabric!

Just Wear it as is !!!: Its true. You may think you will look like a bride, but you wont !!! Wear it with simple jewellery, a different draping style and you can totally carry it off if you have the confidence

Ditch the Original Skirt- Get a Plain Raw Silk Skirt with a lot of flare and wear it with your heavy dupatta and blouse! Plain silk skirts are super in vogue at the moment. You can get some nice borders from Kinari Bazar, and you have an outfit you can rock in- at a friends wedding !

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