Becca Radiant Skin Creamy Concealer

A Concealer is probably closest to what we girls can call the Muggle Equivalent of  a Magic Wand  ! A good concealer can act as an Invisibility cloak , and throw a number of spells and charms practiced by Hogwarts First Years . The vanishing charm on your dark circles, the brightening charm under your eyes , and in extreme cases it can even induce the Love Potion charm by ensuring your eyes look pretty enough to be gazed deeply into. Whats more? The Becca Radiant Skin Creamy Concealer even looks like your very own, shiny magic wand and definitely acts like that as well.

On the topic of Harry Potter: JK Rowling is out with a new book? Any reviews yet?

Becca Claims “A medium coverage concealer that brightens and covers imperfections, leaving a natural radiant look. This water-resistant long-lasting formula is crease-proof and easy to apply”


The great thing about the Becca Concealer is that not only does it conceal, but it actually brightens as well. You know how YSL’s Radiant Touche Eclat is so great at visibly brightening the under eye area? The only catch is that it doesn’t conceal as much as a heavy duty concealer should- and Becca solves that problem as it has extremely heavy coverage as well as a brightening touch to it.

The texture is a bit on the thicker side- its not as liquid and runny as i like my concealers to be but it doesn’t settle into lines  which is fantastic. My only issue is- it comes in this pen form and you keep clickin away, and a tiny bit of product comes out after 2 minutes. Then when you open the cap the next time you find extra product all oozed out of it so it is MAJOR product wastage which is super, super annoying. I do recommend you hydrate your under eye area as well, because even though this isnt drying, it can look a touch stretchy.

Tip: Dont use the pen brush to blend. Apply dots with  the brush and blend with your fingers.


Pros of Becca Radiant Skin Creamy Concealer

  • Super Heavy Coverage and will conceal anything
  • Not only conceals, but brightens as well
  • Can be used under eye as well as on blemishes
  • Lasts the entire day
  • Doesnt settle into fine lines


  • The Pen mechanism is very annoying and  faulty. It results in a huge amount of product wastage
  • Its a difficult concealer to blend if you are a newbie. Infact i recommend this to serious concealer users, who need help in heavy duty coverage. If you are someone who can get by with lesser coverage concealers then skip this.



I don think you can tell the ‘wow’ results with this from this photo so check back later for the full face photo


This is after one entire day in the flight, when i slept barely 4 hours !

Verdict: A-

Price: 30$ or 1800 Rs

Shade: I got Honeycomb but the shade selection is very large!

Recommendation: In some ways the Becca Radiant Skin Creamy Concealer is the best concealer iv tried- because it has super high concealing properties, brightening properties and it doesnt settle into lines. In other ways, its one of the worst products iv tried- because the pen mechanism results in a lot of product wastage and you need to blend the concealer with your fingers anyway- which newbies may not find it very easy to do. Bottom line- this is for serious concealer users who need heavy duty concealing and are used to blending concealers…for those of you who can get by for lighter coverage, get a lighter one !

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