Its my last night in New York and instead of galloping around town, im actually ordering in Thai food, and sitting cross legged in my apartment watching Tv.  Im so going to miss exploring this amazing, crazy city but i cant wait to be back into my apartment at home either….curl up next to *someone* and feel at home. Because sometimes, the simpler things are what we need the most, and the Bobbi Brown Intensifying Long Wear Mascara is just that- a simple, no fuss everyday mascara that doesnt claim to give you hyper-godzilla like lashes.

Bobbi Brown Claims ” Our longest-lasting mascara not only delivers lush, thick lashes but can stand up to the elements (and even a few tears) for up to 16 hours. For maximum volume and results, we’ve designed a new brush with unique bristles that easily reaches small lashes and instantly builds lashes without clumping. Best of all? There’s no need for an eye makeup remover, because Intensifying Long-Wear Mascara washes off effortlessly with warm water” 






Well first of all, i love the metallic chocolate finish of the tube of this Bobbi Brown Long Wear Mascara- there is something quite pleasurable in having that cool metal against the palm of your hand and whipping out the tube for touch ups in the girls bathroom. One thing i like a lot is how slender the brush is- it just fits and gets into the nooks and crannys of your eyes to make sure all your lashes are coated.

As a mascara, this is a nice option for an everyday look- it doesn’t give you great volume or length and gives you just a tad above natural finish but lasts all day and then some. It definitely fans out and seperates your lashes well but if you are someone who needs a truckload of volume or length like i do then look elsewhere. This wont cut it for your date nights missy  which is why i feel like if you are a mascara junkie, this may be a good addition for you stash, but if you use mascara more on special occasions i would spend elsewhere.


Verdict: B


Recommendation: The Bobbi Brown Intensifying Long Wear Mascara comes with a brush that is the perfect slender size and fits into all the nooks and crannies of your eye, seperating and defining your lashes. It doesnt add dramatic volume or length so if mascara is a special  event product for you…skip this one , but if you  are someone who wears mascara everyday and are looking for a nice, long lasting option that lasts over 12 hours you may want to take a look.

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