Bourjois 2 in 1 Twist Up The Volume Mascara

If you belong to that Generation where your parents definition of  dance is ‘The Twist’  then raise your hands ! As much as i love my folks, the minute they hit the floor the twist in various forms is being displayed by them  – irrespective of whether there is a slow romantic song on (sloooowww gentle twist) or ‘ Aao Twist Kareinn’ ( vigorous going crazy twist). Since we are on the topic, have you met the new Bourjois 2 in 1 Twist up Mascara .

Its Simple.

Twist Cap and Open to get Normal Mascara Wand

Twist Cap once more and get totally wierd scrunched up Mascara Wand.

So see- 2 in 1 twist? The first one defines and lengthens and the second one is meant for volume. I have to hand it to Bourjoi for really coming up with these innovative, cool products. Its like they are a step ahead every time!


One twist.


Two Twist.

Oh by the way, the actual mascara looks like this. The little blue knob on the top twists the wand to scrunch it up or remain straight.bourjois-twist-2-1-1bourjois-mascara1

See its like in the shape of a tall cocktail glass or something no?? Psst- went for brunch in New York today. This gorgeous little place called LA Giara on 34th Street- which had unlimited Mimosa’s  !!! Yep- they just keep refilling your glass till you drop on the floor or 3:30 pm whichever is sooner. Had a Salmon Pasta in Vodka Sauce so it was a rather alcoholic start to the day after all!!

bourjois-twist-2-1-mscaraOk back to the Mascara, i quite like this one actually. The two brushes work, and it gives volume and length both! The brush however is really really thick and chunky which means  it is not really the best for precision and a klutz like me does have a tendency to get mascara on her forehead . Having said that i love how my lashes look with this- still does not beat my favourite Clinique Mascara but a pretty good alternative.

One thing i definitely dont like too much- is that it does feel a bit heavy. Its not weightless , and you do feel your lashes weighing down just a tiny bit.


Verdict: B+

Price: Will be updated. Approx 600 Range.

Recommendation: The Bourjois Twist 2 in 1 Mascara has a brush that can transform itself with the number of times you twist it. One twist for length, two twists for volume and the result is really nice !! I wish this was more lightweight and the brush handle was more thin. The chunkyness of the handle  makes it a slightly messy affair.

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