Bourjois Paris Erasable Eyeliner

Some things in life you cannot undo. A bad haircut for example- you just have to continue looking like a shaggy doggy for 30 days till its grows out, a bad first kiss , tying rakhi to a boy in Class 2 who grows up to be the hottie of the class  (cannot be undone missy) and till today I thought messily applied eyeliner was among this list (Try to correct it with water and you cry black tears). But the clever people over at Bourjois Paris have come up with a solution to end atleast that last woe- an Erasable Eyeliner !! I swear, if i were asked to create 0f innovative makeup products, this would have been one of em !

This hot pink little tube has a long slender eyeliner brush at one end and a stubby little white eraser on the other. Reminds me of those drawing pencils in art class. So basically, you apply the black brush over your eye lid, you mess up, you erase ! Easy Peasy right?

I didnt think the eraser in this Bourjois Erasable Eyeliner would work, but actually it erased that eyeliner pretty damn well. Just a little bit of rubbing against the eyeliner and *poof*  it was like someone said Evanesco (Harry Potter’s  Vanishing Spell ) on it ! I have to say though, i dont know how much this will work when the liner is on the eye, because you dont exactly want to many things rubbing on top of the delicate folds of your eyelid. Also point to be noted- the eraser works only on this particular eyeliner

Apart from that, the actual eyeliner itself is a tad bit dissapointing. I like Bourjois Eyeliners but this comes out uneven and thicker and gloopy in some areas, and thinner in some areas. While it is super black and super glossy, there is this artifical plastic smell to it- kind of like how whitener used to smell in school. I dont know i cant put my finger on it, but it smells so plasticky that it makes me afraid of using it on my eye for too much time.

bourjois-erasable-eyeliner-review-1 bourjois-erasable-eyeliner-review-3


It erased that eyeliner pretty cleanly.

Pros of Bourjois Erasable Eyeliner:

  • Unique, Innovative Product
  • The eraser works really well and cleanly
  • The eyeliner is super pigmented


  • Eyeliner comes out gloopy and uneven
  • Smells Plasticky

Verdict: B

Price: This will be launched in India in the coming month. Price point i think will be around 600 Rs

Recommendation: The Bourjois Paris Erasable Eyeliner consists of an eraser that can erase the eyeliner at the other end of the tube. While it is an interesting and innovative gimmick to have, and the eraser does work well, the eyeliner is a bit dissapointing. It smells too plasticky and becomes gloopy in parts.

PS: Talking about things you cannot undo-what about threading jobs?Those cuts on your eyebrows make you look like a Ninja !

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