Isnt this gorgeous?? Sure its a concrete jungle, but this is the view when is step out of my apartment- the heart of the financial district.

Hiiiiiii !!!

It is Day 2 in New York for me (actually more like Day 1.5) because i reached here like 5 pm yesterday and the first day went horribly. I was dead tired yet determined to explore the city and i just lost my way and walked around in circles !! I was so exhausted that i slept without eating  (had a bag of choc-chip cookies- so much for staying fit) ,  just could not figure out the Subway system and gave up!

But Day 2 started off great !!! Since i will be working throughout the week, i wanted to get most of today Thanks to Mr.Jet Lag, i woke up at 5:00 am, and after changing into my tracks, i did something i have never done in India before. Went for a morning walk at 6:00 am! There is a gorgeous view of the Statue of Liberty just a minutes walk down my apartment here, so i walked around the park a bit and hunted for some New York Style Breakfast. (Confession: The thought of walking down the road to work, grabbing a starbucks and a cupcake is like the  SATC moment i wanted to have ) . But most of the coffee shops were not open at that wee hour so i stopped by a Grocery store and got myself some bread, Pancetta , Yogurt and cereal !! Then i came home and was cooking my Pancetta- till the smoke alarms went off ! Ermm. Yeah that was awkward.

First thing i noticed– People are so friendly here !!! Well some of them (the ones who are not rushing) . I mean, you walk down the road and everyone smiles and is like ‘Hey how are you’ . One guy even stopped and asked me ‘  How are you today? What are your plans for the day ? Where are you headed’ ‘ etc.  At 7:00 am, he was making PC with me !

Second thing i noticed– A New Yorkers definition of  ‘walkable distance’  is totally screwed up! They call 30 -40 minutes walk – a walkable distance.  I mean, im a Delhi girl okay ! Sure i wear comfortable footwear, but when you tell me ‘ Oh that is just around the corner. You dont  need to even take the Subway for that ‘ , you might want to consider that i dont live in this city where everyone seems to be walking ALL THE TIME. My feet are like killing me right now- .

Third thing i noticed– The Customer Service is amazzzinnggg ! The minute you enter the store, theyr like ‘ Hey, whats your name? How are you? Im ‘ Latoya- I like you shirt’ . I mean i had an entire conversation with a store attendant where i explained what my name meant to him, and he thought i looked Persian + Indian mixed up and he pretty much told me his entire life story. It is so fun, because even though i am all alone here shopping- you still feel like you have people to ask how stuff looks on you. Specially the service at the American Eagle store was AMAZING! Compare this to the SA’s in India and its a WORLD of difference.

So on Day 1 i actually headed to SOHO ! SOHO is a street with an eclectic mix of brands like American Eagle, Forever 21, H&M etc and then they have the higher end brands like LV, Prada, Micheal Kors and in between all of this there are these NYC boutiques with some nice, off beat options.

Here are the stores i spent a LOT of cash on:



American Eagle was on a flat 40% off and i think i spent close to a 100$ in that store. They had a ‘ Jeans fitting expert’ called Latoya who was AWESOME ! She told me when my butt looked flat, when the fit seemed a bit loose, etc etc. In about a 100$ i got:

  • A new pair of jeans
  • 4 Collared Polo T shirts for the boys in the family
  • One basic mens t shirt.

I thought that was pretty good ! 6 things and one store that solved all my ‘ mens gifting’ issues



Sigh. Victoria Secret was like heaven ! It was super exorbitant though, one piece of lingerie was for like 60$ because it was not on sale but everything was so gorgeous and dreamy! I saw a few things i liked, bookmarked some stuff in my head that i will go back and pick up.
One thing i did spend on- The Victoria Secret Yoga Pants. I LIVE in these in the winter in Delhi you know? Like literally LIVE in them- till the boy is  sick of seeing me in my VS hoodie and trackpants ! They are super comfy, super amazing for travelling and in general to lounge about in . I got ones which have a broad hot pink lace border which says ‘ VS PINK’  on it and then theyr solid black in color.

I also entered Top Shop, H&M, Zara, Bloomingdales(LOVE) , F21 , American Apparel and a bunch of boutiques. I didnt buy too much for myself because im the kind of shopper where i have to like see EVERYTHING and then make sure i am buying the best deal out there (Super Annoying i know!)

I also got like a peplum top but i might return it because i think i bought it just out of desperation to shop. Hmm, will show it to you guys in the next post, help me decide.

Dissapointing stores: Forever 21. Maybe iv outgrown the store, and maybe this one in SOHO didnt have the best collection but i didnt find a single thing i really wanted here . Oh well.

Okay i got to go now, its Union Square time !!!! This has been a rather rambly post, ill try and get you some shopping and outfit photos next!

PS: Guys, THANK YOU SO MUCH for the recommendations in the earlier post. Also huge thankjs to Soumya and to Jharna who wrote in to me telling me everything in Detail. It was SUPER HELPFUL! 

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