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Illamasqua Velvet Blusher in Sleek

Going on a foreign trip, and then deciding to purchase makeup is very often as complicated as a high school math problem. If 1 dollar= 65 Rupees, then 24 dollars= ?

Answer= Heartbreak & Dil Pe Chot. You calculate, you check your money stash, you recalculate and rationally decide to cut down your purchases, and then suddenly a peppy little MUA whisks you away into a chair and tries a blush you fall in love with. That is Illamasqua Velvet Blusher in Sleek in a nutshell (Actually, that is Nars Orgasm, but Illamasqua was love material as well).

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Illamasqua Claims “Create a flush of intense colour with this long-lasting, matte blusher. The lightweight cream texture delivers a velvet soft cream to powder finish. Apply to the apples of the cheek, or across cheekbones to enhance and define. Build and blend with fingers or an Illamasqua brush for added colour-intensity.”

If a cream blush had sex with a powder blush, their babies would be the Illmasqua Velvet Blushers. They have a cream texture but they dry matte like a powder blush.

Infact the texture is kind of interesting. The surface is stiff and hard like a powder blush , but when you touch it its definitely a cream. Its not as liquid and melty like Nyx Cream Blushes, its more like the Lakme Kiss of a rose texture. Thick, more like a paintstick rather than a liquid cream. They have superb pigmentation (I mean like WOW pigmentation), last the entire day and blend well (Use your fingers to blend these ).

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Sleek is such a unique color and that is why i picked it up- im pretty sure duping this would be hard. Illamasqua calls it a Dusky Coral, Peaches & Blush calls it the color of red sandstone. A Deep, Earthy, Warm Brownish Coral that i think darker girls and medium toned girls will really love. I think this may come off too orange and intense on the lighter girlies but is a fabulous option for deeper ones.

I was wearing this today, with my New York City Tan and i clicked a FOTD for you guys, but it was a post work face of the day. I looked utterly exhausted and sleep deprived (Im still waking at at 5 am every morning after sleeping at 1 .. This Jet lag is insane!) so maybe some other time.

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Verdict: A

Price: Think this is  close to 1800 Rs

Recommendation: The Illamasqua Velvet Blusher in Sleek is a beautiful, earthy , deep coral that will work really well with medium and dark skintones. The Blush is blendable, super duper pigmented and lasts an entire day ! Whats not to love ?  Oh yeah the price.

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