konadbrow2 Konad Drawing Style Eyebrow Pencil 05 Dark Brown Review

Guest Review By Bipasha (Medium Skin Tone, Combination Skin)

Hi Girls! This is my first post on Peaches and Blush and yes I am so excited! :)  Well I am not really good at  making up stories like  some really creative writers here at Peaches and Blush can so let’s jump straight onto the review,shall we ? :)

Product Description: Konad Iloje Flobu Eyebrow Pencil Drawing Style is a creamy-smooth pencil for lining, defining, coloring and contouring eyes. Formulated to withstand everything from tears to inclement weather.

 My Views

I  really like well done groomed brows. Like really!  It is something I can’t step out without. I have  worn absolutely no makeup on several occasions,infact  about  15 days out of 30 days I wear no makeup but I really need my brows done! I feel naked with something in my brows,be it powder or pencil. I myself have medium brows that means not sparse nor thick but I absolutely love thick and full Megan Fox style brows, that some lucky Punjabi/North Indian women also  have have (sigh!) I think those kind of brows look stunning! I really believe a good set of brows make or break your look and also the right shape can completely transform your face, So I am always looking for brow products here and there ,while searching I came across this product, since Konad is a decent brand and it is very cost effective, I bought it. It comes in a pencil form which needs to be often sharpened which is something I dislike yet like! Dislike because it leads to product wastage (Obviously!) and like because wooden pencils give more control than those auto retractable type pencils for precise application. The texture of  this brow pencil is absolutely marvelous, it  is smooth but not to the point it’s crumbly and creamy and messes up your brows nor hard to the point it feels like your using an actual pencil! (School pencils I mean) , regarding pigmentation,It is smooth,pigmented yet not to the point you end up looking like Frida Kahlo! It is just how a good brow pencil should be. But the sad thing is  it is not waterproof nor stays very long. After about 4 or 5 hours of wear,my brows look like how they actually are which is a sad thing considering how good this pencil is otherwise,but  I do not mind re-applying so that’s okay.



1) Not soft nor hard texture.

2)This particular shade suits me perfectly and will suit all women with dark brown/black hair.

3)Not too pricey.

4)Easily available.

5)Easy to use compared to brow powders.


1) Not at all long staying.

2)Not waterproof.

Rating: B

Price :  Rs. 160

Recommendation: If you like natural looking full brows, yes do get it! But please keep in mind it is not long staying at all :)

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