MAC All That Glitters (2)

*Actual Product is more peach than appears in photograph

MAC All That Glitters Eyeshadow: Swatches & Review

Guest Review By Priya R (Light Skin Tone/NC 35)

I have been on a hunt for a neutral eyeshadow like forever. I mean the ones that you see celebrities wear all the time – an eyeshadow which is there but not there! A neutral eyeshadow that looks stunning on its own in day light, focus lights & that just photographs well! MAC All That Glitters eyeshadow does all that!

Product Description:

Highly-pigmented powder. Applies evenly, blends well.

My Views:

MAC All That Glitters is a stunning – stunning peachy rose gold shade with a metallic finish. It does not have any glitter in it as the name suggests, just a shimmery pearl finish which looks soft beige gold in some lights , and peach perfection in some lights. It is the perfect neutral eyeshadow for my skin tone. It works wonderfully as an over all lid color for light skin tones and  as an excellent highlighter for all skin tones. For the matter of fact, when I was trying out eyeshadows in the MAC Store, the MUA told me All That Glitters is more of a highlighter but I insisted that i wanted to  try it on me as an overall lid color and I was sold.

MAC All That Glitters has the most creamiest texture in eyeshadows I have ever tried. By the way  this my first eyeshadow from MAC and now I know why it is so famous! Though being a neutral shade, it is highly pigmented and is very easy to blend. A single wash of color on the lids is all required. All That Glitters works for day time wear, office wear, night time party, night out etc. perfect for any occasion! When I am in doubt on what kind of eye makeup to pair with a particular dress or a particular lipstick, I blindly pick up All That Glitters. It works well with just about anything. I think this will be my first ever eyeshadow which will hit the pan.

MAC All That Glitters works well on its own but I prefer a primer beneath to increase its longevity. It does not crease on the eyes even after long hours of wear time. No crumbling in the pan or fall out during application. It goes on smoothly on the eyes. With a primer, it stays on for 8-9 hours easily.

MAC All That Glitters (4)MAC All That Glitters (3)MAC All That Glitters (5)MAC All That Glitters (1)MAC All That Glitters (6)

Applied MAC All That Glitters all over the lid & blended in the crease using Inglot Matte Eyeshadow 337


  1. Best Neutral eyeshadow for lighter skin tone girls
  2. Insanely pigmented
  3. Velvety soft texture
  4. Does not crease even after long wear hours
  5. Works with any kind of color, dress or lipstick
  6. Can be worn during day time as well as night time
  7. Stays on for long 8-9 hours
  8. Available in refill form & in  full – sized pan
  9. Can be worn as an overall lid color as well as a highlighter


  1. None

Rating: A+

Price: Rs. 750 for refill

Recommendation: MAC All That Glitters is the best neutral eyeshadow i have tried. On   darker skin tones it will work as a highlighter more than an overall color but the rose gold tone to it compliments Indian skin tones well & can be worn during any time of the day. When in doubt, I reach for MAC All That Glitters. Its velvety texture, awesome pigmentation & long staying power makes it a winner.

PS: My camera didn’t do justice to this gorgeous color. It looks more peachy in real. 

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