MUA Blush No1 (3) MUA Blusher In Shade No.1: Swatches & Review

Guest Review By Lee (Light Skin tone, NC 35, Combination Skin)

I was never a blush person and I only used to splurge on eyemakeup products. My love affair with blushes started when i tried out the MUA blushers because of their super cheap price tag and since that day I hoard and hoard these lovely beauties. I fell sick recently and I just couldn’t do without the healthy glow that ‘Shade 1’ imparted and I realized just how important blushes are in a makeup routine.

Product Claims: Part of our amazing £1 line, our blushers come in six shades. They range from pink and coral to deeper plums and natural nudes so you’ll definitely find one that suits you the most! Although to be honest with you, at £1 there’s no reason why you shouldn’t own all six! Just simply sweep across the apples of the cheek and up to the brow bone to create a soft yet beautiful contour. Gorge!

My Views:

The first thing I noticed was how tiny these blushes are! They are even shorter than a nail paint bottle! Yeah Really! But they do contain a good amount of product so no complaints in that department! It comes in a black pan with a transparent plastic lid. It has the ingredient list mentioned on the back. The packaging does not feel that sturdy and I’m pretty sure the lid will come of its hinges if its not treated gently.

Shade 1 is muted cool toned medium pink. Even though it is slightly cool toned, warmer complexions can still wear it with elan. It imparts an extremely natural flush to the cheeks. It does contain very minute gold shimmer which aren’t visible once you apply it and just add a subtle glow to the cheeks. It is one of the best day blushes I’ve used and I absolutely love the way it looks on me.

MUA Blusher is a finely milled powder blush & has a very soft texture. Due to the softness it does crumble a bit in the pan however I do not face any fallout during application.

The pigmentation of the blush is sheer but easily buildable. I have to apply it atleast twice to get a decent color pay off. I prefer this as highly pigmented blushes like the Kryolan blushers can be such a chore to blend!! Its also great for beginners as you cannot go overboard with this and end up with clown cheeks :p

The staying power is good & lasts for around 4-5 hrs on me without a primer or a base underneath. This lasts longer on me as compared to the NYX blushers(which btw i absolutely adore!). After that it starts fading leaving a gorgeous tint to your cheeks.

I love the pricing!! Show me a blush worth 90 bucks and on top of that of such good quality!! Availability can be an issue as we can only order it through the MUA website which means we’ll have to pay shipping charges. If you order this through Indian websites you’ll have to shell out more than 7 times the original price. Yep you read it right. 7 times!! So I highly recommend buying it directly from their website.

MUA Blush No1 (5)

MUA Blush No1 (4)MUA Blush No1 (2)MUA Blush No1 (1)


A gorgeous shade that gives a beautiful glow

Finely Milled & Soft in texture

Average pigmentation

Good staying power

Extremely Cheap


Availability and shipping charges

Rating: A+

Price:£1 for 2.4gms

Recommendation: MUA blushers are total value for money. They are soft in texture,last a good amount of time and are easily buildable. I see no reason why you shouldn’t have all the shades in the collection. Highly recommended!

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