Nars Orgasm Blush Review

Okay, so im sure you expected this post to start with me making sorts of double meaning  innuendos i could possibly make about Nars Orgasm Blush (but im not going to do that). That is so typical and cliched and lame and crude and…oh damnit i cant resist.

Girls . Lets talk about the Big O

Every girl needs to have one of these. Some say you can fake it if you don’t have the real thing but a few gentle strokes  and it  leaves you looking all flushed.

I am ofcourse talking about Nars’s  Iconic Blush called ‘Orgasm’ which every one of you needs to own! You can find a few dupes ( to fake it!) but you dont want to miss on this gorgeous peachy pink blush that could have very well been named ‘Flamingo’ , or ‘Apricot’ or ‘Peach Bellini’ or something but then…it wouldn’t have got the iconic status with those boring names. So Orgasm it is !


I like how they have the words NARS on the mirror!nars-orgasm-blush-002

Super Super Pretty Warm, Peachy Pink with golden shimmer. The shimmer just looks like a beautiful thin gold sheen on your cheek and doesn’t look chunky or obtrusive at all.

The texture is beautiful-finely milled, and a dream to blend and apply! Infact my brush tends to pick up quite a lot of it in one go and give me one glorious swipe of peach perfection. Mac Springsheen is a definite dupe  and i own that too but Springhseen is a touch lighter so for more medium skintones like mine- Orgasm definitely shows up more and how.


How beautiful is that swatch? You dont need a highlighter with this blush


This is a totally nonsense picture- which doesn’t show its prettyness!

Please pardon the completely crappy picture- this picture doesnt show the beautiful gold sheen or the gorgeous peachy pink-ness. Promise ill do a proper FOTD with this in its full glory soon. But love the warm, fuzzy flush it gives just like I came back from a good run or some rejuvenating exercise (See, thats why they named it like that!). Dont love that it doesnt stay for too long …just 3 hours till it fades but oh i can deal its just a glorious color !

Verdict: A

Price:  30$ or 1800 Rs

Dupe: Mac Springsheen

Recommendation: Nars  Orgasm Blush is a warm peachy pink with a soft focus gold sheen. Its an absolutely stunning color and gives a warm, fuzzy , post exercise flush that i think all medium toned and lighter girls will enjoy – you dont need a highlighter with this cutie!

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