Want a quick  Weekday NYC tour in the life of me  on my workation ?? Follow me around !



7:20 am Wake up tiiimmee! You have to wake up super early here because everyone reaches work at 8:30 . Wash hair, get dressed go go go !



Yogurt, Bread, Pancetta, Kellogs Apple Jacks, Hot Chocolate – take your pick for breakfast…




That is the cute little appartment and its drawing room area. Eat breakfast here while watching something random on TV like Good Morning America !



Walk to work. Its convenient, and honestly its just such a gorgeous walk ! I walk in my chappals and then carry my heels to work ..I learn fast.

new-york (30)


View from the office is absolutely stunning. You can see the New Jersey skyline and the Hudson river. Work till 6:30-7 pm (we slog in NY- reach office at 8 and dont leave before 7 ) , then try and find a friend who can take you around town.

new-york (1)

Tell your friend, you want to go to Magnolia. She says its better to visit the one in Grand Central since its less crowded, and since you dont  care much except for the food you agree!!!

How to Eat a Cupcake.new-york (4) new-york (3) new-york (2)

 Yup. Rather Over rated cupcake mind you.

Also order the Banana Pudding.

new-york (5)

The Banana Pudding is DIVINE (Thanks Shruti) but its so heavy, and i totally didnt expect the small size version to be so much ! Both me and my friend could not finish it !…

Okay, Magnolia Done…its about 8 pm so lets head to Times Square !

Its kind of like Diwali…on LSD. All year round.


new-york (6) new-york (13)

Try and get a photo clicked, even though you cant be seen in the photograph.

new-york (24)

FYI- Thats a tower of M&M’s  behind me !

new-york (10)Get a photo with the NYPD.

(Ok, not the most dashing NYPD cops i agree, but i dont know where all those good looking NYPD cops were that day man!)

And..THATS A WRAP for a weekday. Wanna see the weekend photo diary???? Coming soon stay tuned!

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