Today was the first day of actual work in NYC . I felt like i was on the set of suits…im not kidding- everyone is so formal and all stylishly office-y here- they make our India office clothes look totally frumpy. You know how its like ‘Shirts and Pants’  are the staple for formal office dressing for women. Noone wears that here- everyone wears either like formal tops (silk high neck sleeveless tops, formal cross over blouses, cowl neck tops) or totally drool worthy dresses (Saw this one nude dress on a girl in office today- a frill going down one side and then plain nude throughout worn with coral high heels). Oh yeah- high heels…people work to office in flats / sneakers and then change into heels (their heels are stashed in the office drawer). Full respect to these women! They get up early, get ready, walk to work, work and then go back home and cook ! WHA?



The buildings around the area are sooooper high !!!! By the way, this is the area where the twin towers were- its right next to our office. When i walked past it today, i literally got chills thinking about the day when that plane would have struck.


The traditional NYC yellow cabs. Super Expensive by the way- spent like 50 $ for a 20  minute ride.


More on work later…over the weekend (Sunday) i took a trip to Union Square and just explored some of the areas around my appartment.

unsq-shops13Nordstrom Rack is one of the first shops i entered- this is basically like discounted Nordstrom stuff that i am guessing does not get sold out in the main nordstrom stores. Found some nice outfits, but more than that i flipped out because the sunglasses were a STEAL !

So far, i had fallen in love with a pair of Prada Glasses, with rose detailing- but they were 280 USD in Sunglass hut, which is okay, i was fine with spending upto about 300, but then in Nordstrom Rack i saw a pair of Miu Miu sunglasses originally  priced at 200 USD marked down to..wait for it….60 USD !! WHAT. Are you kidding me.

Tru story: Opened my bag to pay and realised i didnt get my wallet. So had to head back to the appt to pick it up and go again.

Okay the shades make me look like a giant bug. Like a giant Ladybug or something- but i love.


See- Mehak the Miu Miu  Bug. Bzzz.

un-sq-shops1 unsq-shops12 unsq-shops11The Forever 21 at Union Square was actually really great !!!! I bought  a black and white striped casual cross over top…and a little black dress (8$ can you believe it- why do they kind of rip us off in India with 2200 Rs dresses !?)

I also stopped by at Century 21 which is this humungous store featuring brands at discounts… Some of the stuff here was really nice- i got a Calvin klein top with ruffles at a pretty good price!


That was SEPHORA which was AWESOME. It was HUUUGGEEE !!!!!! What did i buy? Errmm..well okay i went to the Urban Decay Counter , and saw the UD Naked pallette and it was totally gorgeous , but then honestly it is useful for people who do a lot of everyday kind of eye makeup stuff. I am not an eye makeup person, im a face person. So i bought:

  • Becca Radiant Creamy Concealer : BEST CONCEALER EVER. The SA was Soooo nice and spent lik 30 minutes trying on different concealers on me
  • NARS Orgasm Blush
  • An OPI Polish
  •  Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer sample

One of the really helpful sections of sephora is the travel sized sections (Thanks to Soumya who pointed it out to me). This section has a smaller sized version of a lot of great things in store (Much more than Sample sizes- kind of like 50% of origina size) and these are a great affordable way to shop.

The Street carts in NYC are so fun ! This pink Fro-yo cart is a staple at most street corners


newyork-street-food2Hot Dogs, Halal Carts, Rolls – all totally YUMMY. Chicken and rice at the Halal cart – Oh my god.

max-brenner0restaurant1Another Oh my god moment.

Max Brenner.

It is like a chocolate lovers ultimate dream destination. Its a whole freaking restaurant dedicated to chocolate for gods sake.

max-brenner0restaurant3 max-brenner0restaurant2I got the eighties milkshake, and they have a bunch of really yum savoury stuff as well.


Okay, more updates later. Maybe ill get you a stylish work update while secretly clicking all the women and their work clothes.

Right now i have Ben & Jerry’s New York Super Fudge Chunk Ice cream tub waiting for me along with a new Suits Episode.

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