My workation has now shifted from NYC to Phoenix and after the buzz and hustle bustle of New York, Phoenix is seeming so dull and depressing to me ! So while i am reminiscing about  my weekends in New York, why dont you follow me around on the Weekend Photo Diary of NYC ?? For the Weekday photo diary go here

Pssst: I return to India in about a weeks time. Im getting a bit homesick now- specially because today is the boys birthday :( and i cant be there to celebrate it with him and that really sucks.

new-york (78)

Get on the Subway Station and head to- 34th Street !

new-york (42)

This is where the Macy’s store is . It is two blocks long and absolutely MASSIVE. It is so big that honestly, it is a bit annoying. I mean there are like what 4 floors of womens stuff and each floor is as big as a mall in itself. There are so many options that at the end of it, i just felt so overwhelmed and couldn’t decide or buy anything .

I did love the Bag Section here. All designer handbags, but all absolutely gorgeous. I know which one im investing in next!

PS: If you show your foreign passport you get 15% off ! Also- they always have some great deals on so check before hand.

A store that is great for gifting is Aeropostale- i wouldnt buy it at full price but  I bought SO MUCH STUFF from here because there is this crazy sale on right now where they have their basic Aeropostale t shirts for really cheap . These are just regular tank top kind of t shirts in a lot of cute colors.

Also- scored a jacket  for the boy which was originally priced at 80$, marked down to 14$. Bought some cute t shirts for my sister, some for me, but mostly a lot of nice gifting options…also they had a 25$ additional off if you bill a 100$.

I also stopped by at Banana Republic, Payless (Got a good deal on some cheap shoes), JC Penney, H&M,  Zara .

new-york (44)

Okay enough shopping till 1 pm . Now lets walk to lunch ! Its New York-  walk everywhere!!

new-york (48)

Another must do item in New York is BRUNCH ! The Brunches here are awesome because they give you unlimited Mimosa’s for a very cheap price. yes. UNLIMITED Fruity Alcoholic Yummy Drink to make sure your Saturday starts off sufficiently buzzed.

I walked to 34th Street, 3rd Avenue where there is this absolutely delightful little italian place called La Giara. Really nice food and its half open, half closed so on a nice sunny Saturday afternoon its perfect to lounge about. I ordered Salmon with Penne in Vodka Sauce and then took full advantage of the unlimited mimosa’s

new-york (54)

I love how i could look at the sidewalk with the warm sun filtering through !

new-york (53) new-york (52)

What a perfect way to start a Saturday haan?

After countless Mimosa’s and lot of giggles, we walked to the subway station and headed to …Central Park.

First of all, the walk to Central Park itself is gorgeous. I want to stay there at Park Avenue !!!!

new-york (62)

My friend eating Candy Floss at Central park.

new-york (59) new-york (60)

The Park itself is absolutely gorgeous.

new-york (63)

These archways are where a lot of couples get pre-wedding shoots done. They are soooo stunning. The ceiling has these gorgeous blue enamelled tiles and there are violin players on the side.

new-york (65)

A Bride and Groom who just got married heading to get photos clicked in Central Park. I LOVE how she did her hair and her dress was gorgeous! Also the first time i saw the bridesmaids wear black and carrying a white bouquet- kind of effective right?

new-york (68)Central Park is full of little surprises- there are fountains and archways on one side and ponds and shruberies on the other.

new-york (70)

There is a pretty bridge under which you can go boating as well.

After spending a little time lounging about in Central Park, i headed home to put up my feet and try on all the stuff i bought! Then at night, i headed out again (Yup- make the most of weekends even if you drop dead)

new-york (32)

One of the boys cousins is in New York and he took me to West Village . This is kind of like the cool, student district of New York and NYU is just around the corner. It has TONS of restaurants and bars and pubs and funky places and lots of interesting characters to notice and see.

We ate at this place called Mamou’s or something like that. Best. Falafel. Ever. Also had the grilled chicken wrap which was yummyyy!

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